The BIG Fish

The opinion of John Sharp on Telegram:

The Big Fish

So do the big fish in DC really think that indicting Trump last Thursday or any other time is going to do anything to prevent him from returning to the White House in 24 or even sooner?

I think he’ll return sooner myself. Do they think indicting him repeatedly will disqualify him from running for President?

These kind of actions only precipitate Trump’s success.They’ll keep bringing it but so will Trump. But Trump has all the goods. He knows where the bodies are.

They think this will keep the net of justice from dropping on them?

My belief is that is exactly what they think.

The big fish in DC think that they’ll never be arrested. They think they’re untouchable probably because they have swam around in The Swamp for so long without being caught. But Trump will drop the net of justice regardless. They have met their match! Trump knows about all they have done probably more than they do or anyone else for that matter.

Trump knows they will not be swimming around in The Swamp much longer because Trump is putting an end to their never-ending crime spree once and for all and they know it all too well.

He has promised us many times over that he is going to drain the swamp and if you take the time to observe you can actually see Trump is doing just that and is doing it with great precision.

He is keeping his sights on the big fish and acting in whatever order is needed to catch them. He knows what to do. He is bringing them more into his sight with each passing day.

As The Swamp is drained of it’s murky waters he will get them at the right moment.

Trump is known not to do anything without a purpose. He isn’t the least bit willing to accept defeat, a quality that most very successful people like him in the world possess.

This will certainly be the case here too as this goal is achieved.
He is carrying out a very strategic and massive plan probably unlike anything ever implemented in America or maybe even the world to drain The Swamp of all the crime infesting it’s waters, and I believe there is assistance from abroad in doing this.

He will get the big fish who devour everything in their path to hold on to power and control. The Swamp is deep, wide and murky. So this operation is taking time to play out. It has to be done right and within the limits of the law.

Until The Swamp is completely drained the big fish and all the other creatures there will smugly swim all around the waters of that corrupt place thinking that they are above being caught. They will keep thinking that they can continue with their unending reign of power and control.

These ruthless big fish think they will destroy Trump and then take down America with him. But as they go on doing so Trump gathers more and more on them, watching their every move while they unknowingly take his bait.   

The catcher here is that the big fish and their ilk have really already been caught, Trump just hasn’t pulled in the net quite yet!

NCSWIC!! Absolutely nothing!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇲 

I have included a video here in the link below for your enjoyment. I find it to be encouraging myself.

By Radiopatriot

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