“The primal scream of a dying regime” Bannon WarRoom

“The primal scream of a dying regime…”

Ready for the grind!!! 🫡

Bannon Cannon

We Will Never Back Down -we are not going to be like Ron Desantis

They not only want to destroy Trump. They want to send a message.

Kari Lake

Mike Davis

The House Oversight Committee needs to take a look into this.

Mike Davis breaks it down #CrossfireHurricane

Biden directly involved – lawfare against Trump to keep him from running

It’s a spiritual war, but in the physical realm it’s money and powerIt’s a spiritual war, but in the physical realm it’s money and power.


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  1. Dana Bash, Ron Paul stalker, is panicking BIGLY!! Won’t even let Mr. Lauro speak she’s so frantic. CNN is an enemy of the People and proves it on the daily. She sees her lavish lifestyle for lying to the American People circling the drain. She’s nothing but an activist presstitute.

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