The Godfather

Beau Biden was the Delaware State Attorney General.

Beau Biden was the eldest son of the Biden Cosa Nostra.

From Wikipedia: “Biden ran for attorney General of Delaware in 2006. Biden’s opponent was a veteran state prosecutor and assistant U.S. attorney, Ferris Wharton. Major issues in the campaign included the candidates’ experience and proposed efforts to address sex offenders, Internet predators…  Biden won the election by approximately five percentage points.”

Yes, Beau died of cancer. Yes he served in Iraq. Yes he was Army JAG. So did we assume that he became Delaware’s number one lawman to “protect” his fellow citizens from his father?

 Patriots should Google “Delaware Corporation” and have a passing understanding of the history of Joe Biden’s entanglement with modern credit card corporations in Delaware.

Beau Biden was sitting at his father’s proverbial kitchen table soaking in the family business, no different than Michael Corleone. 

So Beau dies and we got stuck with ‘Pop’ and Fredo.

By Radiopatriot

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