Day One – Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

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Just Human posts:

House investigators have released a huge number of documents related to their investigation into the Biden Crime Family. 

Here is a doc outlining the scope of the impeachment inquiry

All of the docs released this week by House Ways and Means Cmte are available at this link below

100s Of Pages Of Newly Released Memos Spark Fresh Corruption Charges Ahead Of 1st Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

…mountains more evidence for the “there is no evidence” crowd…

“Mountains of evidence released by House Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee today point to a decade and more of influence peddling and financial fraud involving President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and brother, James, and multiple business associates.”

Rep Comer opening statement

Mr Smith

Rep Jim Jordan

Is it against the rules to say bad things about Joey Biden? 😂

Was little lil’ Jamie going to hair club for men?

Lil Jamie was at Kinko’s last night 😂

Just Human posts:

“Folks, today the Dems are being forced to defend and excuse Biden and are thereby attaching themselves, optically and narratively, to him and his corruption. 

They KNOW he is corrupt, they know these allegations are well premised, that this inquiry is based on a huge number of documents and credible witness testimony, far FAR more than they EVER had against Trump in either impeachment proceedings against him, but they are forced by the circumstances they find themselves in to engage in this defense of Biden and his criminal family. 

It will not go well for them. 

When viewed in this light, it is quite enjoyable to hear and see them run cover for Biden. Let them do it. It will ultimately be their ruin.”

Bring in Rudy I dare you!

Lil Jamie show n tell show 😂

Bannon’s War Room also covering, along with Rep. Matt Rosendale (R – Montana) assisting in the right hand seat:

$1 🤣

Witnesses are sworn in

Jonathan Hurley, O’Connor, Dubinsky, Gerhardt


1. Hunter Biden sat on Burisma’s board. 

2. He was unqualified to do so. 

3. Burisma pressured him to get D.C. to act on policy issues in Ukraine. 

4. Joe Biden did just that.

House Judiciary GOP: X

A list of all the Republican Senators who voted to send even MORE money to Ukraine. 

We know the Democrat party doesn’t care about this country and are only in it for themselves, but many (most) Republicans are only in it for themselves, too.

Politics attracts the power hungry, regardless of party.

Don’t vote for anyone on this list ever again.

Note: This was a procedural vote done to get the measure on the House floor for a vote. The proof in the pudding will be their vote when/and if the full House votes on the bill.

The Basis for an Impeachment Inquiry of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. – United States House Committee on Oversight and Accountability

The FULL opening statements from each of these panelist are available here:

I think Turley’s in particular is well worth reading. 

Turley opening statement- then Fox cuts away

Ms O’Connor

Mr Dubinsky

Oops 😂


If you’re going to impeach you better bring the receipts

Rep Jim Jordan – – money going to families is in fact a benefit

EXCLUSIVE: The $250,000 wire Hunter Biden received from his Chinese business partners was labeled as a “personal investment,” despite his legal team claiming the funds were part of a loan and previously saying he never “received any return on his investment,” Fox News Digital has learned.

Fox News Digital first reported Tuesday that Hunter Biden received wires that originated in Beijing totaling $260,000 from Chinese business partners during the summer of 2019 — wires that listed the Delaware home of Joe Biden as the beneficiary address for the funds.

The wires for the funds originated from Beijing and were linked to BHR Partners.

BHR Partners is a joint-venture between Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca and Chinese investment firm Bohai Capital. BHR Partners is a Beijing-backed private equity firm controlled by Bank of China Limited. Hunter Biden reportedly sat on the board of directors of BHR Partners.

The first wire transfer sent to Hunter Biden, dated July 26, 2019, was for $10,000 from an individual named Ms. Wang Xin. 

Fox News

You’re exposing all the games being played here!

Bring in Rudy!



Rep Nancy Mace

The smearing of Jonathan Turley

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  1. How do you impeach someone who was not legally elected? The RINOS want to go forward because it means Biden was properly elected. They know they can’t do this without D’s. If the D’s are smart they would agree.

    The 2020 election must be overturned. This country cannot let it stand. That means down ballot elections too. We have to see the whole evil scheme and how long it has been going on.

    1. Agreed. By the way, thank you for your service. I always enjoy seeing that Connie in your signature. Even with its bulbous radar appendages, it’s still one of the most beautiful machines ever created by man.

    1. The above was a procedural vote done to get the measure on the house floor for a House vote. The proof in the pudding will be their vote when/and if the full house votes on the bill.

  2. Surprised to see John Kennedy of LA on this list. Maybe he snagged my support because he is a Country Boy hoot, and always get’s me a giggle or 2. I hope he votes well, so I can take him off that no vote list.

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