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Hamas paradropped right into an ongoing rave in Israel

They had no idea what was coming – Jack Posobiec

Poso: “Most intel agencies are retarded to begin with. Jason Bourne isn’t real. It’s mostly hipsters in hiking shoes standing around drinking coffee and doing PowerPoint”

“Israel is last for a reason. If you are religious, pray.”

🇮🇱🇺🇦 Flashback to August:

Israel has ordered tens of thousands of 155mm artillery shells through a $60 million contract with Elbit Systems amid tension on the country’s northern border. 

The government and the company this week announced the deal for the M107-A3 projectiles for the Israel Defense Forces’ artillery corps. The order follows a move by the U.S. to withdraw 300,000 shells stored in the country to transfer them to Ukraine, according to a January report in The New York Times. Israel had an agreement with the U.S. under which the former could use the ammunition for military campaigns.

Defense News

WH staffer: “Nobody wants to talk about Iran in WH today, if you even utter the name Iran you might find yourself without a job. They know how bad this payout looks now”

“The people who tell us MAGA needs to be deprogrammed gave $6 Billion to Iran.”

BREAKING: The Taliban has reportedly asked Iran for passage to Israel to help Hamas

There is another option

No more nonsense. Bring Trump back. End this.

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  1. The current State of Israel is not God’s creation, it’s a creation of the Balfour Agreement from the government of Great Britain after WW2. The UK got their foot in the door in the ME in WW1 going into Arabia; all mostly for oil resources. The UK has always had influence on both sides, although that changed when the US became the world’s police after WW2. Iz has always been a Zionist state. James Forrestal was murdered because he did not want to bow to Israel. Iz has been encroaching on the Golan Heights & other disputed territory with Palestine, almost since its inception, kind of like what NATO did to Russia. Iz bombed the US ship Liberty, & there was something with the USS Cole wasn’t there? They have bombed Palestine & murdered untold numbers with impunity. We have been funding both sides; our Congress is owned by UK & Israeli interests, easy when you allow people with dual citizenship to serve, that crap should stop. BTW Cheney & a former Clown boss along with a Rothschild have been over there since before Trump’s first term drilling for oil. Could be them (all wars are bankers’ wars after all). Could be dregs of the McCain op over there. Watch for Clowns, Hamas was probably created by them. And remember Russia backs Iran. Iz has always been a quasi-terrorist state, run at first by the UK, until their intel services got out of control & it became a wag-the-dog scenario. PS-what most people don’t know, Germany also went into the ME during the wars, esp. after WW2. Retired Iz military have been going to Argentina, also a “German” refuge after WW2. Clowns & nazis run Israel. Looks like Iz has been running ammo to the nazis in the Ukraine. Don’t believe every video you see. Pray.

  2. I am not Jewish but for a long time I didn’t understand why some ppl hated Jews. I mean Jesus was a Jew. And the Bible tells us to protect Israel so that is still on earth when He returns.

    People throw around the Zionist word but it is very simple. The movement then was doing exactly what the Bible taught them. The Balfour Agreement was about Britain providing their support for Israel.

    Also the Bible tells us Jesus was born in Bethlehem mere miles from Jerusalem. The Middle East has been in great turmoil throughout our lives and before. The wars since the 40’s is over 60. I don’t have answers for these but I know there are good Jewish people in Israel. Some Americans are there now & not sure when they can leave. Just as discussions about China say they are communists. The same rings true for China. There are good ppl there as well.

    When Trump was in office he made millions of ppl happy by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.
    It felt good to see the change and believe in hope.

    I just feel the grouping of one word for an entire country isn’t right. For God’s sake look at our world now. Gangs, cities on fire, mass murders, etc. Is there really a lot of difference? Yes & No. Never a simple answer. So you said “Israel has always been a Zionist state”. Okay, I understand but they protect their country just as we do.

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