We are in such deep ####

The intelligence failure was that our entire intelligence apparatus has been focused on going after patriotic Trump supporters rather than known and incredibly well funded terrorist operatives around the world. This is a failure of our Marxist regime and they’re probably just fine with that.

I’d like some mean Tweets and World Peace right about now!!!


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Andrew Bates. Stooge clown tool for the radical libturd left deep state. “Asst. Deputy Press Secretary” — aide to the completely useless mouthpiece Jean-Pierre. Product of a libturd criminal ‘higher education’ complex, Univ of North Carolina, like most of them in our Nation.

    There’s no trace of morals or ethics in the present administration and most educational institutions.

    Hopefully he will be rounded up with the thousands of other TRAITORS to our Nation.

    Can’t happen fast enough.


    1. It’s a good thing I’m sUsPeNdEd from twatter (for what I have no idea — they never let me know and never responded to my request as to why) … ‘cuz I’d likely get suspended for what I’d pop dip-chit Bates with.

      Typical for those chit-for-brains lib-turds to call someone a liar and follow it with actual lies … “Fact: 0 taxpayer $” — Really?? Who paid for it? Pelosi? Schoooomer? Maybe Raskin? How about Kramalot? The Kenyan?

      “Fact-check” by who? That non compos mentis clown who calls himself Snopes?

      Lord, PLEASE help us get to a sane — and rapid — finale. Amen

      We know …


  2. Israel should suspend the staff (top to bottom) in the US embassy and send them “out-of-country”—back to US…IMO

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