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This Man Claims That The United Nations Is Paying People To Cross The Border. He Says He Has Received Money Directly Into His Bank Account ‼️

“This is footage of a US-bound Haitian in Tapachula, Mexico complaining that the UN failed to make its payment to him and now his UN debit card is empty“

Interviewer Where’s our Military? How is this being allowed?

— Wall Street Apes

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  1. Patriots leaving California are being discriminated against and lumped in with lefties who blindly see nothing wrong. As a result, these patriots are very much alone. They know their vote never counted in California. Now they are seen as less than genuine when they go to red states. And often they have to hide where they came from because of the prejudice. They are a type of refugee from communism.

    1. Hey….blame some that went before them and have / are trying to change red states blue. Skepticism IS WARRANTED until proven otherwise. Won’t take true patriots long to be recognized

  2. What IF the national alert was a signal to these potential mercenaries ……… kinda strange this happens JUST before the attack on Israel…..

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