They don’t come any sharper

Rep. Matt Gaetz, (aka “Elvis”) is one of the — if not THE — brightest, quickest, most courageous members of Congress. And because of that, he drives them crazy.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I think the People view those “Rinos “ for what they are….TRAITORS to their country and the people they swore to serve.

  2. Matt Gaetz. IMO, is responsible for tearing it all up. He & McCarthy appeared to be friends awhile back. Gaetz was one of the ring leaders to get McCarthy as Speaker as long as he towed the line to what the group wanted. He made no bones about it. One slip up and you’re out. I’ve never heard of this being done. Then it seems Gaetz decides McCarthy needs to go. He kept the country from shutting down. Then he got butt hurt when things didn’t go his way. One thing he did do right was asked for everyone to stay and work it out.

    He’s arrogant, pushy and he is also under investigation with the Ethics committee.

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