Hussein was on the scene of the drowning

Shocking new information on the death of Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell has emerged. The information was released on Jesse Watters’ “Primetime” show on Fox News.

“We have new information tonight in the drowning death of Obama’s personal chef Tafari Campbell,” Watters reported. “The Massachusetts State Police responded to our FOIA request and released their

Turns out B Hussein O was in fact at the scene of Tafari Campbell’s drowning.

Try as they may, they cannot make this story go away.

The Secret Service has it all on video.  That FOIA request is going to give them a bad case of the Tijuana two-step. 


By Radiopatriot

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  1. I was shocked to find out how many times the Police were called out to this address. Guaranteed there was some super sketchy, nefarious stuff going on.

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