Bannon WAR ROOM! Panic in DC!



Ok Mika, we are taking notes at home

Richard Stern

Massive Victory

Is There Hope?

Nancy Mace- Fighting The K Street Cartel

Bannon Cannon

Cuck Schumer warning MAGA Mike ๐Ÿ˜‚

Bannon made reference to this article in last segment: $600B Debt in 1 month!

If they can liquidate Trump and Mike Lindell, they can do it to YOU.

Mike Johnson makes a statement on Maine shooter:

“This is a dark time in America. We have a lot of problems. We are really, really hopeful and prayerful. Prayer is appropriate in a time like this. That the evil can end. Everyone wants this to end.”


Bills going forwardYou are The Vanguard

Jason Palmer, Producer, After Death, Angel Studios,

As discussed by Bannon

Will the Coming War Hit Home? with guest Kash Patel

Episode 276 of the Devin Nunes Podcast with Kash Patel If you would like to ask our guest questions, please drop them in the chat. Catch up on older episodes and subscribe to the podcast at: Apple Pod

Get Ready for it

Thank you Honeybadger


Steve Bannon๐Ÿฆ…: All Starters 

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