Bannon in the evening. Still on 🔥

Cold Open- Crying Kevin

Crying Kevin, don’t go away mad. Just go away!

Following orders doesn’t hack it anymore.

Following orders doesn’t Hack it  anymore

Sebastian Gorka – the Deep State started with Obama

Gorka- letter to my family

Bannon- You must be strong


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  1. Very, *VERY* wise words from Sebastian Gorka, an intelligent and experienced man.

    I *strongly* recommend listening to him read his letter to his family *at least twice*. Take notes.

    It’s called ‘situational awareness’. Stay alert. Be aware of your surroundings, even at the grocery store (remember the several ‘mass shootings’ in grocery stores in the last few years — whether they have been real or staged, it’s not a location to be complacent).

    Trust your intuition — and PAY ATTENTION to it. Use common sense.

    DO NOT carry yourself like a victim — or you will be one. One can do that without acting like an arrogant Alpha.

    Here in New Yorkistan queen hocus pocus Hochul doesn’t want **any** private citizen owning *any* type of firearm. Even mail order pepper spray and bear spray is prohibited here. Ammunition can NOT be mail ordered here, either. One has to show a New Yorkistan drivers license to buy ammo and it’s recorded. That’s what a friend told me.

    That reminds me of something many pro Second Amendment folx snicker about. Have you seen any signs that say “GUN FREE ZONE”? It’s an open invitation for nut jobs and wannabe martyrs to fulfill their dreams. Whatever those places have isn’t worth the possibility of losing your life or your families’ lives.

    If criminals want to get guns they will get them. PERIOD. It’s proven hundreds if not thousands of times a day. Restricting law-abiding citizens from owning firearms does nothing to prevent criminals from getting them. It IS THAT SIMPLE and the criminals KEEP PROVING THAT.

    Metal ball point pens can stop a wannabe martyr, **placed correctly**. Arteries aren’t that difficult to find, IYKWIM. Heck, even a pencil can … if you haven’t seen any of the John Wick movie series with Keanu Reeves, check one out, especially the second one. Sure, it’s the movies, but how he handles a pencil is taught in self-defense classes every day all over the country.

    Martial arts is good to know and is excellent exercise. It’s *also* taught using *rules*. Lunatics could care less about point-based rules. There are a few forms that don’t fit in that category, like Krav Maga, serious stuff, used by the Israeli military. That doesn’t mean you should run out tomorrow and sign up for a class.

    In the mean time, anyone can carry a metal pen (just don’t bury it in a backpack or purse — carry it in your hand or front pocket) … so you can takes notes or sign a check. Just sayin’.

    One of the more common phrases we Marines have:

    “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”

    Today is the United States Marine Corps birthday, 248 years old. 10 Nov 1775

    Stay safe. And alive.

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