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Without you, collectively, there would have been no way to bypass their control.

They weren’t about to repeat the mistake(s) of 2016.

You are what matters most. UNITED NOT DIVIDED.

You awake, thinking for yourself, is their greatest fear.



Q – Post 4880, Oct. 15, 2020


This has never been attempted. Use of general public to counter the narrative [propaganda] push by controlled media. Analysis [start-to-now] indicates situational awareness [decoupling of MSDNC control of information (channels 1-99)] of general public expanding at massive pace.

Attacks indicate [can be defined as] loss of generalized information control.

Need to expend ammunition [muster network to defend and coordinate attacks] to counter.

MIL-CIV Alliance.

Q, Post 4511, June 24, 2020

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