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How To Stop Illegal Immigration in your county/town



When the Federal Government fails you…

When the State Government fails you…

YOU go to your county government!

The citizens of the US are alone against Federal Republicans, Democrats, Illegal Alien groups and FOX news.  Republicans are for amnesty (pathway to citizenship), against your wishes.



1  Pass a resolution that your county is not a sanctuary county.

2  Make English the official language:  This is a liability issue.  Should a building collapse because of a translation error, your county (you) will be held liable.

Establish a maximum no. of occupants per household  (renting to illegal aliens, is awaiting a Supreme Court ruling,)

Make it a felony for illegal aliens to carry concealed firearms.


Pass an ordinance that no department of vehicle registration shall issue or renew car tags (the first time after the ordinance goes in effect) without certified copies of a birth certificate, naturalization documents or proof of legal presence in the United States.

Make it a felony to register someone else’s car

Make it a felony to steal someone else’s car tag or decal

Restrict the use of taxpayer identification numbers for purposes not authorized by the Internal Revenue Service, including identification, unless accompanied by a U.S. document that demonstrates legal presence in the United States.

Deny all licenses, permits, registrations and certificates or renewals thereof, to persons unlawfully present in the United States. (proof of legal presence required)

That no department of vehicles in your county will issue or renew XX State driver’s licenses or other IDs without certified copies of a birth certificate, naturalization documents or proof of legal presence in the United States.

*****Tie the expiration date of driver’s license to the expiration date of visas.

Reject driver’s licenses from all other States unless accompanied by proof of citizenship or lawful presence in the United States.**** (proof of legal presence required to get a driver’s license in your State because other States may have issued them to illegal aliens)

Make it a felony to falsely claim legal presence in the United States.

Ban the use of foreign identification documents (Matricula Consular cards)  to establish identity or to obtain state identification cards or open bank accounts.

Make it a felony for anyone to distribute Matricular Consular cards to anyone except that country’s consulate.

Make it a felony to fraudulently use a social security number not assigned to you by the SSA.


That the county of XX will not register to vote anyone without proof of citizenship with a certified copy of their birth certificate or naturalization documents.

Make it a felony for illegal immigrants to vote.

Provide the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the County Clerk a list of non-citizens who applied for a driver’s license or car tags.

Impound vehicles with no insurance.  (This worked very well in Dallas and is a revenue generator)

After everyone has been through the Driver’s license renewal process, the voter rolls can be cleaned out.


That no public benefits shall be afforded in XXX County to those individuals unlawfully present in the United States with the exception of immunization (since these individuals have entered without inspection).  For example Welfare, Medicaid, worker’s compensation, food stamps, child care, child welfare and any other public benefit.  Mandate the use of E-verify for all public benefits.

Require XXX County School District to identify how many students are unlawfully present in the United States for planning purposes only. This is totally legal.

Deny in-state tuition, financial aid or scholarships for higher education in XXXX County to people unlawfully present in the United States.

Consider challenging Plyer v Doe—cost $2 Million.  In 1982 the Supreme Court ruled that we had to educate illegal alien children without any limit on taxes or cost to US citizens.  The only way this will be overturned is if a county challenges it by requiring illegal alien children to pay tuition in public schools.  Then it will go to the Supreme Court again.  $2 Million is nothing compared to what you are paying now.
The State of Texas was paying 62 million dollars to educate these children in 1982, they are now paying 9 billion dollars.


Make it a felony for employers to hire illegal aliens and institute a method to enforce it.  The Pew Hispanic Center lists the occupations of illegal aliens.

Make it a felony to pick up or solicit work at day-labor sites. (Home Depot)

Require the District Attorney to prosecute employers for hiring illegal aliens and impose fines.  Mandatory jail time for repeat offenders (employers).

Require all employers to use E-VERIFY in your county.


Make transporting illegal immigrants in a vehicle a felony.

Require ICE to report to your Sheriff (and the citizens of the county) who was released back into your community.

Consider applying for 287g status (gives local law enforcement federal authority)

Stream line criminal illegal aliens to ICE ****(federal program) or give mandatory jail time.  Counties are left to pay for incarceration of illegals.  However, since ICE is just releasing them back in your community, it maybe more beneficial if it becomes mandatory for criminal illegal aliens to serve the maximum time for the crime.  It may cost more initially but have a better outcome.

Some of these ordinances maybe pre-empted by State law.  It is not your job to figure that out.  The County attorney will be able to determine that.  If your particular County is getting hit hard by illegal aliens but the rest of the State is not, your County Board of Supervisors may want to challenge the State like Arizona did with the Federal government.  Unfortunately it was the Federal Government that challenged Arizona instead of the other way around.

Respectfully request a report from the Board of Supervisors as to the disposition of each ordinance they have rejected.  It maybe helpful to do an online petition so you don’t feel alone when you make your presentation.  Their meetings are typically during business hours.

The bulk of the cost of illegal immigration is from education, medical care and incarceration.  Here is an example of Desoto County MS

Normal cost to educate one child

DeSoto County              State Avg.
Local                $2,651            36%            $2,654
(property taxes)
State                 $4,176            57%            $4,832
Federal               $ 540             7%             $1,399
Total                 $7,367                               $8,885

You can see that the bulk of the money comes from local residents.

We are estimating a cost of  $16,000,000 for 1849 to 2621 illegal alien students.

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