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Here’s the first of what I hope will be most of my recovered posts:

October 29, 2009

A couple of things this morning while I’m sipping my coffee and tuned in to Glenn Beck’s radio program…

The Washington Post has a hit piece on Beck, using Beck’s PR guy Matt Hiltzik as a foil to paint him to be some reincarnation of Lonesome Rhodes. Glenn tore it apart, pointing to all the journalistic errors — three in the first sentence alone — and the strategy behind the piece, that these thugs in the White House first come after you and try to isolate you. Next they go after your employer, and when that doesn’t work, they go after your friends and associates. That’s where they’re at now. It’s the Saul Alinsky (Chicago) way: Isolate the target. Freeze it. Polarize it. And then destroy it. Beck says they’re not going to destroy him unless they shoot him. “But they’re more subtle than that,” he assured his listeners “…But just so you know, I’m not suicidal and my brakes are working fine.”

Update: From Glenn’s show transcript:

You’ve tried to destroy me personally. Then you tried to destroy my business. Then you tried to destroy me and drive a wedge between me and Fox News. Then you tried to destroy Fox News. Well, none of those things have worked.

So now what you have to do is destroy everybody around me to isolate me as much as gee, that sounds like Saul Alinsky. Isolate me. Make sure nobody will talk to me.

I got news for you, man. Except for the White House my phone is ringing all the time. I can’t tell you how many people are coming out of the woodwork to squeal on the corruption that is going on. We’re working on stories now that will boggle your mind. I think we have one maybe coming out today, maybe. If not today, then it’s going to be tomorrow. And tomorrow I unveil the blue, the blue curtained chalkboard.

Tomorrow I show you the radicals that are around what it all means.

An excerpt from the WaPo hit piece:

To Find the Right PR Guru, Beck Looked to his Left

Since Hiltzik has started working for Beck, the commentator has graced the cover of Time and the front page of the New York Times (a copy of which is framed in Beck’s Manhattan office). He made the Forbes Celebrity 100 list and was profiled by “20/20.” He has millions of radio listeners. His books are bestsellers. His Web site is a cash cow. His comedy tour sells out theaters around the country.

And his name is cursed in the White House.

Beck’s fame is, of course, directly related to the heightened platform given to him by Fox News, and his willingness to use it to say outrageous things. Hiltzik said that he deferred to Fox News on all things related to Beck’s television show. He repeatedly said that he had nothing to do with the content of Beck’s commentary.

Some of Hiltzik’s critics failed to find that a convincing distinction.

“Lawyers sometimes have to represent mobsters,” said Green, the onetime mayoral candidate in New York and president of Air America Media. “But it’s not the same excuse when you are a public relations guy. There’s a due process that requires everyone to have a lawyer in a criminal case. There is no due process that requires a talk show host to have a flak.”

“I love Matt,” said Ken Sunshine, a Democratic activist and public relations powerbroker whom Hiltzik regards as a mentor. “I value our friendship, but I wouldn’t be caught dead representing Glenn Beck.”

Hiltzik is ever ready for counterattack. “Apparently Mark failed to mention that he sought my assistance in resolving an Air America issue,” Hiltzik said. “And that he called me repeatedly this summer soliciting contributions for his most recent campaign.”


UPDATE: Shortly after the interview, Steve Forbes updated the Glenn Beck mask write up. Check it out

Forbes Top Ten Scariest People of 2009 has named Beck it’s #1 Scariest. Such an honor!

In a brief interview with Steve Forbes, Glenn asked him why rich people like wealthy progressives George Soros and Michael Moore hate capitalism. Soros is dumping another $50m into an anti free-market think tank. “Why do rich people hate capitalism? Because once they make it, they feel guilty about it,” was Forbes’ best guess.

Later, Wall Street Journal’s Steven Moore explained how Soros made his fortune by shorting the dollar and other currencies, and made $9billion from hedge funds last year alone during an economic downturn. Is he pursuing policies that undermine the US dollar to make money off it? Soros is involved in this newly established think tank council to fight capitalism. And they’re all economists, some Nobel prize winners.

“A dollar today is worth .62 compared to a year ago, because of the enormous debt. If we continue to spend the way we are, the only way out of this crisis is by continued devaluation of the dollar. We’re facing a jihad against the free enterprise system. The only checks and balances are you and Rush Limbaugh the other people they’re trying to gag,” according to Steven Moore from WSJ.


Net neutrality is big money determined to shut down and control free speech. Glenn referred to de Toqueville’s “Democracy in America” who wrote that a democracy can become so great and so successful that those who benefit most will want to close the door to anyone else.

Where are the wealthy Americans who are willing to put their country first, business second?


Beck mentioned a piece by Thomas Sowell. It’s a must read (actually, everything Sowell writes is a “must read”). First coupla’ graphs to get you started. The link…

Dismantling America
Thomas Sowell
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Just one year ago, would you have believed that an unelected government official, not even a Cabinet member confirmed by the Senate but simply one of the many “czars” appointed by the President, could arbitrarily cut the pay of executives in private businesses by 50 percent or 90 percent?

Did you think that another “czar” would be talking about restricting talk radio? That there would be plans afloat to subsidize newspapers– that is, to create a situation where some newspapers’ survival would depend on the government liking what they publish?


Call to Action

“The number one question I’m asked is ‘Glenn, what is the next step?’ I have it, but I can’t tell you yet because it’s not ready yet. We’re battling the wealthiest people on planet earth. We’re trying to develop a strategy against people with resources beyond your wildest imagination.

“So I’m putting out a call to millionaires and billionares. The plan I have for next year will play an instrumental role in the refounding of this country. But I can’t finance it all myself and I can’t do it all myself. But there’s a part of me that I’m willing to lose my life, my fortune, and rest or pledge my sacred honor to you. If you’re millionaire or a billionair contact us. Put your money where your mouth is.

“I’m also looking for volunteers. If you believe in our founding fathers, I need people who will question with boldness, speak without fear, and hold to the truth. Email me right now.


Forbes Mag thoughtfully provided a cut out Halloween mask for those who plan to trick or treat as Glenn Beck, the scariest person of 2009. But I think Forbes made a mistake. The Scariest Man designation belongs to George Soros, the real masked man.

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