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I am looking forward to this.  Maybe I’ll get an avalanche of hits because of it.  Or another mention on his blogsite.   Or be the three millionth visitor to his site and get the prize!

Whatever… the best part of it is tonight I get to talk to Robert Stacy McCain, among the best writers out there,  without the myriad interruptions from admirers who flutter around him like moths to a brilliant flame.

Ah, yes, the “other” McCain will be all mine tonight — well…  OK, ok, I’ll share  his wit, his savoir faire, his insoucience, his “je ne sais quoi” with you, but you have to be listening to my radio program tonight at 9p EST to partake.

Stacy co-wrote his book Donkey Cons with Lynn Vincent, the same writer who has co-authored Sarah Palin’s new blockbuster “Going Rogue”, and he’s got a bunch to say about that.

He’s also fresh off the road from covering the NY 23rd Congressional Scuzzyfava/Hoffman/Owens race that is still in contention, and the Tea Party Express National Tour grand finale in Orlando last week.

Lots to talk about.  So chill the brewski and pop the corn.  We’re gettin’ it on tonight with The Other McCain.  And lookin’  for a bump on the sitemeter…

By Radiopatriot

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