JFK Autopsy Photo

What really happened that day in Dealey Plaza? We’ll never know for sure.  At least not until Sept. 14, 2038, and even then we aren’t assured that the records will be genuine, not tampered with and truthful.  And why not until that date?  What’s being hidden?  Who’s being protected?

The assassination of John F. Kennedy is probably the subject of the most conjecture in our lifetime. The most fascinating murder in the history of our nation, that’s for sure. We’ve had lone nut gunmen going after presidents in the past — a couple of them even hit their target.

More than a million words have been written about it. Thirdwavedave has contributed his fair share. Just take a look at the extensive research he’s done on his site.  Once you look at the facts, I think you’ll agree it wasn’t a lone gunman.  Or two.

Three years ago while hosting an afternoon drive radio program I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Cyril Wecht, the forensic pathologist who testified in 1978 before the House Select Committee on Assassinations.  In my next post, I’ll transcribe the interview, which explains why Dr. Wecht never believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter who took Kennedy’s life 46 years ago tomorrow.

Check back.  Meanwhile, head to Dave’s to find out a whole lot more about the day an America president was assassinated.

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