Marie is a regular listener to my radio program. She’s a concerned citizen.  She doesn’t sit around pissing and moaning about the state of our country.  She does everything she can to make noise — to get Washington’s attention.  Phone calls, letters, emails.  She’s like a lot of Americans who are fed up.  Marie often sends me emails, keeping me apprised of her latest effort to get someone on Capitol Hill to pay attention.  Today, she sent  this:

I am so pissed again.  I called John Boehner’s office and Michael Steele’s office and told them I didn’t know why they couldn’t keep their members on board.  I told them that a house divided cannot stand.  That the Dems stick like glue.  That the Dems are sly and cunning and that they are dying to get the Republicans to make these amendments to an atrocity of a bill because when THE SHIT HITS THE FAN the Dems can say well this was Bi-Partisan.

The person said, ‘Well they have the votes’.

I told him that was not the case, it was the Bi-Partisan issue they want and also that there is no Senator or Congressman who had been out there screaming that this health care bill is unconstitutional and against the Enumerated Powers.

I told him that the Republicans should be yelling this so that Americans who are unaware might hear the truth since the media is not covering it.

I asked him what was wrong with them, that this country is about to go down the tubes, especially if Obama signs a treaty in Copenhagen, that we would lose our sovereignty.

Well after all that he told me (as he tried to blow me off), ‘Why don’t I call my own representative’.

I told him, ‘Well why does John Boehner send me emails asking for monetary support?  You don’t want to hear what I have to say and are patronizing me as if I am a nut and want to get rid of me’, etc.

I told him, “We pay your salaries, and you are supposed to listen to us and no one wants to hear and respond to our comments’.

What BS. It is unbelievable that we do not have a VOICE to any of these people.

It seems to me that the Republican “leadership” in Washington is floundering.  Inept.  Impotent.

We’re hearing from de facto party leaders like Rush Limbaugh that a third party effort would be lethal to any effort to recapture the majorities in either or both houses, virtually guaranteeing continued Democrat rule.

Here’s my take on it.  If the inside-the-beltway Washington Republican crowd doesn’t start paying attention and obeisance to the voters, they’re going to lose anyway to the Conservatives who are increasing in numbers as they realize what’s at stake.  The core principles on which this country was founded and are contained in our Constitution.

Michael Steele, John Boehner:  PAY ATTENTION! Or else you can add “irrelevant” to inept and impotent.

And if you think I’m kidding, read this.  It’s on freaking fire.

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  1. Marie is insane. She says “I didn’t know why they couldn’t keep their members on board. I told them that a house divided cannot stand. That the Dems stick like glue.” In the house of representatives 39 Democrats voted against the health care bill and one Republican voted for it.
    That said, I do agree that Republicans are floundering, inept and impotent.

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