You’re invited to submit your own contenders, as this list is by no means the ultimate be all and end all…

Favorite Quote of 2009:
“Congress has about as much sense as a flock of geese.”  (Elizabeth McDonnell, FOX Business News)

Favorite Exchange of 2009 (Barbara Walters interviewing Glenn Beck)
Walters:  “You’ve said the Obama Administration has been infiltrated by radicals . . . ”
Beck:  “They didn’t infiltrate.  They were invited in.”

Best Conservative Media Figure of the Year:
Glenn Beck — in an era of high-tech graphics, Beck manages to fascinate us with a 1950s style chalk board.
Rush Limbaugh — a man who’s writing an extended love letter to the real America.

Feet of Clay Award for 2009:
Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE)

Best Young “finds” in Conservative Media:
James O’Keefe (age 25) and Hannah Giles (age 19), who blew the whistle big-time on the scurvy folks at ACORN

Worst Inaugural Address of 2009:
Barack Obama’s, where he talked about our “forbearers,” which isn’t an English word — he meant “forbears.”  A totally forgetable address.

The 10 most fascinating conservative elected officials of 2009 (not listed in particular order):
Michele Bachmann (MN congresswoman)
Sarah Palin  (former Gov., AK)
Jason Chaffetz (UT congressman who sleeps in his office)
Jim DeMint (Senator — SC)
Jenny Sanford (SC — wife of Mark)
Liz Cheney (daughter of Richard)
Tom Coburn (Senator — OK)
John Thune (Senator — SD)
Lt. Col. Allen West (Candidate for Congress — FL)
Marco Rubio (Candidate for Senate — FL)

Most Pompous “Conservative” Media Figures:
Bill O’Reilly (wins by a landslide)
Shephard Smith (solid second place)

Best possible replacements for O’Reilly and Smith:
Laura Ingraham
Charles Payne
Martha McCallum
Patti Anne Brown
Greg Gutfield

Most Obnoxious Liberals on FOX (also known as “The Chris Mathews Award”)
Geraldo Rivera
Bob Beckel
Julian Epstein
Juan Williams
Kirsten Powers
Alan Colmes (lifetime “award”)

Conservative Cluelessness Award:
(1) Sen. John Cornyn of the National Republic Senatorial Committee (NRSC) when he endorsed Arlen Specter, age 80, for the PA Senate seat — two weeks before Arlen decided he was really a Democrat;

(2) Cornyn, when he endorsed Charlie Crist for Senate in FL, rather than conservative Marco Rubio, who now seems likely to bury Crist in the primary.

Conservative fat jokes we can do without:
Neil Cavuto’s
Glenn Beck’s

Most Unlikely Conservative Heroine of 2009:
Elin Nordgren Woods (swings a mean 3-iron)

Most offensive “conservative” slogans:
“Fair and Balanced”  (translation:  two sides babble away, never deviating from their talking points)

“We report, you decide” (see above translation)

(hat tip) Steve Maloney
Ambridge, PA

By Radiopatriot

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