Why Would a Saudi Billionaire Pay for Obama’s Harvard Education?

Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour

I went back to the article at American Thinker that I wrote about in a post here earlier today — One More Piece to the Puzzle of Obama’s Past — and read the comments left by other readers.  Here are some that struck me.  What to do we know about “president” Obama so far?  Well, chew on these for a while…


Posted by: Lynn <!– Comment: #34 –> Dec 27, 06:39 PM

Sutton’s assertions and the Fullbright Scholarship have always given me pause for thought. Additionally the Stephanapoulas correction when Obama said “those who question my Muslim faith” to which George quickly corrected by saying “Christian faith” has always left me wondering about the whole Obama as President thing. I honestly believe he was groomed for the job by foreign interests and owe them a great deal for it. Hence the statements of the US as “a Christian and Muslim nation” meme and the consistent understatement of Islamic terrorism.
Obama has paid over a millon dollars in legal fees to keep his secrets.
Anyone who thinks Obama is stupid or incompetent is just kidding themselves, he is neither.


Posted by: Dell <!– Comment: #6 –> Dec 27, 10:20 AM

Folks work FULL-time jobs for twenty years and STILL don’t have all of their college loans paid off, so something is very, very wrong about that answer to that question. The “registered as a foreign exchange student” scenario would, of course, be devastating if released. Of course it was never followed up, and won’t be until someone digs deep enough, or someone leaks a document or two, and then all Hell will break loose. The very same goes for the birth certificate fiasco, which could have been resolved in less than 24 hours, if O Bomber had chosen to end the debate (and it would have been a strong PLUS if he had done so!). That issue, too, will one day be officially made public, but not by the fraud in the White House. In the meantime, George Soros’ sponsored Socialist gets a total free pass.


Posted by: gkissel <!– Comment: #11 –> Dec 27, 11:59 AM

This video is interesting in that it draws a connection to Obama with Islamic Supremacist Khalid al-Mansour, namely that al-Mansour requested a letter of reference for Obama from Sutton, despite Sutton not knowing Obama at all.

But Sutton’s wording, “who’s raising money for him [Obama],” in reference to al-Mansour, is not clearly in the past tense. But even if it were, it is no where stated that the money actually went to pay for Obama’s education at Harvard Law School.

Am I missing something?


Posted by: AdinaF <!– Comment: #14 –> Dec 27, 01:05 PM

Malcolm X

Craig TX,
You ask a rational question, as to why the Saudi billionaire would pay for his education.

The why seems quite clear to me, especially after following quite a bit of the trail. Obama is Malcolm X’s heir, (it is NOT a coincidence that Percy Sutton, who was Malcolm X’s lawyer would be the go between for the two) and Obama Sr (his supposed papa) was rewarded for claiming paternity with a senior position in the Ministry of Kenya. This incredible job offer just ‘happened’ to be at the SAME time that Malcolm X was doing work at the same Ministry. Hmm.

Malcolm X started out as a Black Nationalist, but did not embrace Sunni Islam until the last few years of his life. At that point he spent quite a bit of time in Saudi Arabia, serving as an important link/bridge for American Muslims to the Sunni Islamic world.

Therefore, it is not a stretch to understand why the Saudi contacts would reach out to him, both when he needed money and pull to get into Harvard AND Columbia. It is no secret that the Saudis have been infiltrating the US for decades. Now, what better way to remake America, eventually bring her to her knees, than to put in place someone like Obama?

When people hear whispers about a Manchurian candidate they mostly roll their eyes, afraid to look like they believe in conspiracy theories. The fact that the Saudis were grooming Obama for the highest office in the land appears so fantastical to most that they were able to place their guy in the White House without any hint of real push back. The Saudis understand Americans very well, their need to appear open minded, their desire to accept the most exotic candidate without real vetting-that ‘racist’ tarring and feathering they are so afraid of.

This was the biggest hoax in American history bar none.

Adina Kutnicki


Posted by: inspectorudy <!– Comment: #16 –>Dec 27, 02:38 PM

Think about the bow to the Saudi king and how deep and beyond respectfulness it was. There was a lot more to that bow than simple respect. That was servant to master.


Posted by: GeorgiaBoy61 <!– Comment: #38 –>Dec 27, 08:55 PM

If true, all of this would fit the “Obama story” to a tee. I have long suspected that B. Hussein Obama had a wealthy sponsor within the Saudi royal family, and/or George Soros, if not both. Nothing about this man’s background rings true; he was a Trojan Horse candidate from the beginning, manufactured to exploit a loophole in the process by which we elected our Presidents. Obama now has at his command the resources of the most powerful office in the world to erase or alter his past, as he may see fit. That’s the bad news; the good news is that the truth will eventually see the light of day. Perhaps not as soon as we would like, but eventually the lid will be blown off this fraud, the scale of which dwarfs anything in our history. A conspiracy this big cannot be kept secret forever. Now the question becomes: will someone summon the moral courage to do the right thing? No matter what the risk, in civil unrest, acrimony, etc. – the truth about BHO must come out, and the repercusssions dealt with – for the good of the republic, and to restore faith in our tarnished electoral process.


Posted by: Hondo814 <!– Comment: #47 –>Dec 28, 06:13 AM


Posted by: AdinaF

To Adina, I am right with you on the Malcolm X connection. If you watch video of both Obama and Malcolm side by side it is truly freaky. He looks like him, has similar speaking tendencies and facial expressions. Obama went to Chicago for a reason, to find himself. As crazy as it may be I believe he believes himself that he was chosen to be the ONE. His college records not released has troubled me the most. His birth certificate I feel may have him born at a different time/date/place than Hawaii, possibly born months earlier, by another father.


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  1. Obama may have one of four fathers and two mothers. If you examine all the evidence by everyone, with different conclusions I believe he is the son of David Rockefeller (deceased), son of Nelson Rockefeller and a family of the Bilderburg Group. His mother is not Stanley Dunham but a New Guinea village woman who was David’s concubine during his trips to that country. If you have never studied this very indepth investigation Google the Three Stooges Goes To Washington. It is an eye opening expose regardless of how much you choose to believe as factual.

    1. Look at his jawline and eyes — he is Stanley Ann’s son. He looks just like her and her father, O’s grandfather. The question, fraught with irony is “who is his father?” All this time people think it’s the Kenyan, thus making him Constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of President. However, what if it is Frank Marshall Davis, who is an American. And just about the same skin tone as Obama. If both his parents were American, wouldn’t that be the height of irony?

  2. What the average person fails to recognize is the role of Bo Obama in all of this. Think about it folks. A gift of Mrs. and Mrs. Kennedy? And then Kennedy dies. There’s a connection there, of course. And what about Bo’s parentage? Questionable without a doubt as is his role at the White House. Talk about eye openers. Go ahead and watch video of Bo. To whom does he gravitate? That is no coincidence either. Bo is at the crux of it all. The pitiful thing of it all is that he doesn’t know it.

  3. While it is true that Obama’s Harvard education (how many years he attended is in question). Obama is actually a double edged sword. He owes his allegiance to two powers. One obviously is to the Saudis as they both educated and mentored his fundamental Muslim beliefs. Two is his connection to the Soviet Union. He has been both radicalized and then communised. Both maternal parents, grandparents and child mentor all members of the American Communist Party. Studied in Russia at the expense of the American taxpayer through the CIA during the Bush 1 CIA director era. While we are dogging the bullet from the front we are getting the bullet from the back.

  4. I think a psychologist would have a field day reading some of the rantings here… good grief people.

    I am not a minority, or a family member, spouse or girlfriend of a minority. But all of this paranoia is being allowed because of a single fact. The President is a black man. His color isnt going to change any time soon, so maybe its time for people to just get over it.

    Being a neurotic sheep is not very attrative. Turn off Rush and Glen Beck and try to act like you actually have a brain of your own.

  5. Why should I even stoop to answer idiots who pick on a fine and decent man because of the pigment of his skin?


    1. Your comment has been edited. If you can’t present your argument without using foul language, you aren’t welcome here. Next time your comment will be deleted.

  7. I still think Frank Davis is Obama’s father. He wrote in his book about the blacks and whites at the Univerity mixing and he was really into it. Also why did Obama’s grandfather introduce him to Obama at a young age as a mentor. I believe it is because his name is on that birth certificate. The old pervert was a child predator–at the very least. Introducing Obama to porno movies was a real smart move/s for those old farts. No wonder the only emotion he shows is anger when he doesn’t get his way. He is emotionally damaged for sure. His grandmother was the one who worked for a living and kept the wolf from the door, but he claimed he wasn’t comfortable living with his white grandparents. Presumably he is ashamed of his white half. I hope I live long enough to see the truth come out. Especially I want to know what passport got him into Pakistan and Occidental College as a Foreign student.

  8. i cannot wait until the republicans get in so obama can have the last laugh. They can talk the talk but they cannot walk the walk and you are going to see what is going to happen when they get it. Like Bush they will probably start a war so they can become rich.they are like ducks they cannot seem to think for them selves

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