What do Queens Hospital and Limbaugh NOT have in common?

The gang at Free Republic’s Rush Live thread, a daily occurance where Rush listeners gather to comment on Rush’s comments, are praying for his health and quick return to the golden EIB mic.

Listener SE Mom (Proud mom of an Iraq war combat vet), a faithful Rush Freeper, included this in her comment block, to which I would add only that my thoughts and prayers are with him today as he rests comfortably at Queens Hospital in Honolulu, Obama’s alleged birthplace:


Here’s a lovely sampling from the Corner on our harmless fuzzball:


re: re: Rush [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

So many, like Mark and myself, have personal stories about Rush’s kind generosity. But there are millions of people who have never met him who are e-mailing me today telling me they went to morning Mass with his intention in mind, that they have their whole family praying for him, wanting him to rest and be back for more excellence in broadcasting for years to come. It’s really a beautiful and remarkable thing to see how much of an impact he’s made on their lives. These aren’t talking heads. These are folks who try to listen in their cars, in their offices, at home. These are his fans, who are grateful to him, and who love the man. It’s not a cult-like American Idol phenom. It’s real, based on over two decades now of earning loyalty, through talent and hard work. The man devours, processes, and analyzes information like few others I’ve ever encounteres — and we know around these parts quite a few who do such things for a living!

Sure, people are saying some immature, nasty things. My inbox has its fair share of evil thoughts coming into it. But that’s going to be when you’re effective. What’s really striking to me is the love and appreciation out there for him.

12/31 10:57 AM

Re: Rush [Mark Steyn]

Bill is absolutely right. I was chit-chatting about this with Sean Hannity (whose first national audience was as a guest-host for Rush) off-air during a commercial break at Fox News a couple of months back. Sean pointed out that Rush’s three-hour block is the anchor around which hundreds of talk stations build the schedule. Just so: Once you’ve got Rush, you figure out what to program before him and after him, and pretty soon you’ve filled up the day. But, without Rush, it’s not clear whether many of these guys would even be in the political talk business at all: He’s your audience base, and your advertising base – the man who sells enough airtime to protect you from an ill-advised gamble elsewhere in the roster.

Rush took a rotting abandoned hulk – AM radio – and reinvented it as a new conservative medium. Critics such as our former colleague David Frum miss the larger point: It’s not just about his opinions on this or that policy issue or candidate, but about a strategic savvy few other folks on our side of the aisle can demonstrate.

I owe him a lot personally, and I hope he rests up for whatever time he needs, and then comes back and sticks it to the naysayers till mid-century.

12/31 08:34 AM

re: Rush [Bill Bennett]

I started the show today asking for prayers and good thoughts for my friend Rush Limbaugh. Rush is the lead dog in this enterprise we call talk radio. He showed the way, he still shows the way. And every talk-show host, left or right, in candor, must admit indebtedness to his pioneering this communication form. As has been said and sung of James Bond: “Nobody does it better.” We could do a whole show on Rush’s importance—and hopefully, prayerfully, we will not do that show for many, many, many years. Get well friend.

12/31 07:30 AM


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