Interpol’s new diplomatic immunity, courtesy of Obama

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INTERPOL has a new level of diplomatic immunity in the USA

In a quietly stunning move just before Christmas, President Obama signed an executive order to grant INTERPOL (the International Criminal Police Organization) a new level of full diplomatic immunity on American soil.  Bloggers Steve Schippert and Pierre LeGrand broke the story.

Bob Chapman, a former U.S. Army counter-intelligence agent, now a successful economist and publisher of The International Forecaster, will drop in tonight to explain precisely why this action should make U.S. citizens feel uncomfortable.

The media, as it is inclined to do with many of Obama’s carte-blanche decisions, has not been very critical of this order. In fact, if even reported, it is described as an innocuous, yet necessary, motion that some say was even overdue since INTERPOL established its first permanent U.S. office in 2004.

ABC News Senior White House Correspondent, Jake Tapper, for example, explains it away as officially exempting INTERPOL from U.S. taxes, and the search-and-seizure laws that would allow the U.S. to gain INTERPOL files pertaining to other nations—an act of espionage from which INTERPOL is protected around the world, otherwise its work would be compromised and meaningless. (See link below.)

But Chapman ain’t buying it, saying there is something ominous about an international police force—and a world organization second only to the U.N.—operating inside the United States with an authority that exists above the FBI.

If this isn’t enough to leave you wondering about the pieces being put in place for a New World Order under the current U.S. administration, wait until you hear how Chapman layers in Obama’s ongoing American-apology world tour, the “climate change” summits and the goal of the world banking institutions to destroy the dollar in favor of a world currency.

Some of Chapman’s uncanny predictions include:

* Called the top of the market in April 2000.
* Predicted 9/11 or an event like that, nine months early, within 33 days of it actually occurring.
* Predicted the invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq two years before they happened.

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  1. Hey,

    I did a history & explanation of this over @ my place – Go HERE and you’ll see that, like so many things Obama has done that’s left people shaking their heads, this act wasn’t ‘overt’ so much as ‘set-up’… and the Devil is in the details.

    – Ron

  2. Interpol doesn’t have police powers in the United States, diplomatic immunity was granted by Reagan- all Obama did was give them immunity from search and tax immunities- which Reagan apparently didn’t do because Interpol didn’t have property at the time. Also this order was recommended by the Bush administration bc Interpol requested the exemption in 04 when they opened up a US office.

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