Pulling the Mask off the Monster

On Friday, Glenn Beck aired his much promoted documentary about the history of the progressive movement.  It was stunning, and made many of us realize what we have NOT been taught in school.  You need to watch this.  And then teach your children that these people come out of the same mindset that occupies the hard left in our White House and Congress.

I don’t want to hear you say “blah, blah, blah” until you’ve watched The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free or Die. Then we’ll talk. Here’s the first of seven segments.  Get started.  There’s really no more time to waste. (You can also view the program at The Right Scoop.)

A groundbreaking hour long special where Glenn Beck takes us back in time to examine the roots of socialism and communism and the evil that followed. We all know about the horrors of the holocaust where the pure evil Hitler inspired claimed the lives of millions of innocent people. But most do not know about the millions upon millions of lives lost in a different genocide of the Ukrainian people under the Stalin regime.

This special also takes a look behind the iconic fashion symbol of Che Guevara showing that the myth doesn’t tell the story of the man who was a blood thirsty killer. We meet a family who saw first hand what a monster the man was. They know the cost of communism and you will too when you hear their story, and who can forget about Mao Zedong? A leader responsible for 70-million deaths during his reign. All communist. All killers. We will show you things you’ve never seen but need to.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. Hi, I’m @10thAmendment on twitter, I post links to your stories frequently w/ credit up front to you. I also follow you on twitter.

    I am aware you do Radio (Blog talk,correct? ) and am asking you to see this letter request for Retired Air Force / Military follower I have on twitter . Which provides links to more background.

    He @kidranger ( Joe Eppinger ) Parents and he have a mission less than 20 miles from the epicenter of Haiti quake. All destroyed/ lost 2 boys / 5 seriously injured of the 30 at their Mission. 30 yrs of work for his parents (Ministers & Missionairies ) and himself . And the heartbreak of losing 2 and worry of care for the 5 injured and who remain.

    Letter follows:


    I would like to bring to light that we, as a small non-denominational church will struggle to rebuild, as will many others. We lost 2 boys and 5 are seriously injured. Our mercy home, church, school and vehicles were all lost in the Haiti quake.

    I implore you to use your platform to urge your audience’s to look to their local church’s to find ones who do Mission work in Haiti to donate money and supplies to rebuild .

    It took us 30yrs.of work and dedication to build our Mission in Haiti that is now gone. We have saved, educated 1000’s of children, and prepared them for a better tomorrow. Not to mention leading them to Christ.

    You know I’m sure, as we do that the dollars going to the large organizations will be spent in no time and then they will leave Haiti. But Missions and Missionaries will remain and have to rebuild primarily on our own. We are asking you to give us a platform to make our appeal for Help in that endeavor.

    I Pray, you will help, by giving us the opportunity to share our story and appeal for funds and donations, to rebuild and continue helping the children of Haiti. Both my parents are Ministers and this is their small church. I’m their son and I am attending Theology School, and training to eventually take the pulpit with a more direct role in our Missionary work, which is globally established in many countries.

    Thank you greatly for reading my appeal, we pray we will hear from you. Our hearts are mourning for the loss of life but, somehow will find a way to rebuild and continue God’s work in Haiti.

    God Bless,
    Joe Eppinger

    I am providing you link below to our Church – DaySpring Ministry and other links for your review in hopes you’ll take the time to view and perhaps consider our urgent appeal to show our story.

    DaySpring Ministry website: http://www.dayspringministry.org
    My Father & I on recent trip to Haiti: http://www.youtube.com/kidranger3
    Local TV Interview After the Haiti Quake: http://bit.ly/4YJM5R
    Local TV Video of My Parents after the Haiti Quake: http://shar.es/aB3je

    And link to Blog Joe Wrote after the quake:

    “Loss of Life and Mission in Haiti” http://ning.it/7fwQBd

    They are trying to rebuild and if you could give @kidranger (Joe ) my friend the opportunity to tell their story and make an appeal on your show it would be a blessing from God, literally .

    Thank you for your time , hoping to hear from you,

    Elizabeth Gilkeson @10thAmendment Twitter.
    Joe Eppinger @kidranger Twitter

    God Bless You!!

  2. Beck only gets it half-right…BUT HE DOES NOT IDENTIFY WALL STREET AS FINACIALLY BACKING ALL THIS! And in case you need a refresher course Andrea…see for yourself on why after further review, Glenn Beck is DANGEROUS!


    “Glenn Beck is being characterized by the establishment as the leader of the freedom movement and yet a closer analysis of his ideology reveals that Beck is nothing more than a fake revolutionary who has supported and is pushing policies that are diametrically opposed to those embraced by true constitutionalists.

    Beck and Fox News have hijacked the patriot movement and are leading conservatives and libertarians down a meaningless partisan rabbit hole in a clear attempt to neutralize genuine opposition to the big government agenda of the Obama administration.

    It is important to stress that we are not picking a fight with Glenn Beck or Fox News in general as a crude effort to garner attention. Glenn Beck routinely attacks real libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and those who would define themselves as constitutionalists. We are constantly forced to rebut his smears against people in the freedom movement while Beck claims to be one of us.

    Indeed, Judge Andrew Napolitano, who also appears on Fox News, is an example of a real constitutionalist and we are in full agreement with his views.

    As the video below illustrates, despite the fact that Beck claims to be “a Libertarian at heart,” he has publicly supported programs and legislation that are universally abhorred by the vast majority of libertarians, such as the banker bailout and the USA Patriot Act.”

    And the 9-12 project…PHONY!

    “Beck’s entire 9/12 project has nothing to do with uniting America and everything to do with reinforcing neo-conservative rhetoric about how we should relinquish our rights and accept the police state because terrorists want to attack us and Saddam Hussein had WMD’s and yellowcake.

    During his Monday September 22 2008 TV broadcast, Beck expressed his vehement support for the bailout, stating, “The $700 billion dollars that you’re hearing about now is not only I believe necessary, it is also not nearly enough.” However, as soon as Bush left office and Obama picked up the baton and continued the same financial policy, he changed his tune and routinely attacked the bailout as an example of how socialism was taking over America.

    The bailout was bad news for America under Bush just as it is under Obama, both were merely performing a transfer of wealth from America to offshore banks and giving the Federal Reserve total dictatorial control over the economy, but Beck only opposed it when Bush was out of office, proving that his opinions are not wedded to right or wrong, but to which puppet is in the White House.

    A host of mainline conservative talking heads opposed the banker bailout, as did the majority of the American people, but Beck went on television and publicly supported it. This is irreconcilable with Beck being “a libertarian at heart” as he claims.”

    Oh, and then there is the matter of Ron Paul…

    “Beck aggressively attacked Ron Paul and his supporters during the election campaign when it looked like the Texan Congressman might have a real chance of winning the nomination. Beck implied that Ron Paul supporters were domestic terrorists and should be dealt with by the U.S. Army, but later tried to side with Ron Paul supporters when the infamous and discredited MIAC report echoed his own talking point that people who support Ron Paul were dangerous.”

    Included is a YouTube video of Glenn Beck’s then HLN show where he blasts THE ONE TRUE CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT!


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