A Note for Mrs. Reagan on the President’s Birthday

As I reminded my radio show listening audience tonight, President Ronald Reagan’s birthday is today.  I invited them to send me a note for Mrs. Reagan, expressing their sentiment on this occasion.  Many of them already have.

My dear friend Burt Boyar, author of several biographies of Sammy Davis Jr., is a close friend of Mrs. Reagan and will make sure she gets their notes.

If you would like to write a few words to Nancy Reagan about her husband and our beloved president, please send me your note in an email at Radiopatriot@Gmail asap, and I’ll be sure they get included.

I’ll be accepting your sentiments throughout the weekend, but obviously the sooner the better, as his birthday is tomorrow, Feb. 6.  I expect it will mean a lot to her…

Thank you!

By Radiopatriot

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