HillBuzz Makes a Beeline to The ASK Show Tonight

It’s a repeat performance, an encoreA return engagement! And we’re delighted to have Kevin from HillBuzz rejoin us, in the spotlight center stage for our Friday night soiree on The Andrea Shea King Show.

This evening’s repertoire?  We’ll talk about Tiger Wood’s statement.  Was it a PR stunt?  Was it the best strategy he could have taken?  Would other approaches have been better?

And how does that tie into Obama, the media darling, the media’s creation?

The Clinton machine is reportedly gearing up with James Carville at the helm to destroy the Tea Party Movement.  What does HillBuzz, supporters of Hillary, think of the ploy?  Will it work?  Can it work?

Sen. Evan Bayh’s bye-bye.  What does he know that the average American might only suspect?

The Olympic coverage… some are saying it “sucks”.  NBC’s decision to show the competitions in taped delay has a lot of people pretty ticked off.

All that, plus the “What’s Sheaking Chatroom” and your calls.  BYOB.  We’ll have the set-ups.  After all, it’s Friday, and we’re kickin’ back with HillBuzz.  Is there anything better?  Buzz on over…




By Radiopatriot

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