Harlem Christian Minister To Bring Obama to Trial for Treason

Rev. James David Manning, Atlah World Ministries

The Rev. James David Manning, head of Atlah World Missionary Church Ministries located in Harlem, NY, just blocks from Columbia University’s campus, has documentation he claims will prove Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) was a CIA operative during the years he refuses to account for.

Manning is bringing the matter to the court.  The Columbia/Obama Trial is scheduled for May 14.

Rev. Manning says he has documentation, obtained by private investigators, that will prove Obama was a CIA operative recruited by the intelligence agency in 1980 while a student at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and later at Columbia.

Manning maintains that  “the CIA needed Muslims who were fluent in Farsi and other Islamic customs and understandings.  Obama was perfect as an undercover agent.”

Due to the threats he has received as a result of his longtime effort to reveal the facts of Obama’s well-hidden past, Rev. Manning says he is publicly releasing this information now as a form of protection for himself and others.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. As a believer in the Lord, I always knew one day the truth will come out, God help us all when it does.

    God Bless you pastor, for not being like the rest and closing thier eyes to not persue the truth.

    In Christ.

  2. Really interesting, I hope this pans out an Pastor Manning stays safe.

    The longer the O regime is in power, the worse off America is.

    thanks for the info RadioPatriot!

  3. Please everyone support this individual Dr. Manning his life is truely in danger from those that wish to continue this Obama fraud, why do think Obama has been in such a rush to push anything and everything down our throats as quickly has he can, before he is exsposed as the fraud he is, when you have Mr Kissman who you says Obama is the best chance for this nwo to happen you better understand just what he meant by this, No one comes from nowhere and becomes the President of the united States unless there are powerful rich people behind them 1.2 billion dollars
    plus to effect the outcome of the 2008 November election along with the media whores that painted him as a saint and saviour of America. Follow the money folks and little by little the veil
    of deception is pulled back to exspose his handelers and you know what, they will dispose of him if it suits there purpose and use it as a control senario to create a crisis, but worry not, this maybe all part of God’s larger plan to have things be put in place by this person, only time will tell and believe me that time is very short, if certain things don’t happen within 45 to 90 days I will
    have to reasses my time lines for a correction. Just remember folks this game of life we are all in is liken to a game of chess, there are those of us that just wish to be left alone to live and let live
    as we see fit not hurting or bothering anyone, and there are those that are truely evil and wish to control everthing for the sake of power and money, just follow the money.

  4. Reverend, my heart goes out to you and your loved ones. I will have you and yours in my prayers always! God is so much mightier than these people know and by His grace, we will prevail! God help us everyone. No matter your political affiliation, if you believe what this good man has revealed, please pray for him, support him, and follow him. We are our brothers keepers! We must protect each other from this communist regime. Bless you Reverend Manning for today and always!

  5. Keep up the good work, I’ll be praying for the Lord’s protection for you and your family as you go forward.

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