Glenn Beck Haters Inside the Tent

A friend emailed an article, prefacing it with:

I took the poll. It’s discouraging. A big majority think that Glenn is “too far over the top.”  What is “over the top” about advocating a return to America’s founding principles and historical virtues and strengths?  Since when was a call for good, honest, responsible and clean government ‘a bridge too far?’

The poll she’s referring to is this:

Now all this might explain Beck’s  tense exchange with Michelle Malkin on his radio program last week, in which he let fly on Malkin when she warned him against having the disgraced and unreliable Rep. Eric Massa on for a full hour on his TV program. “I don’t understand you people!”  he said in angry exasperation.  He immediately apologized for his outburst, and publicly made amends.

We know the pressure on Beck because he speaks boldly must be immense, but now we know why — he’s not only getting it from the enemy, he’s also getting it from those inside the Fox family who have their own oxen to gore.

We’ve held on to insider info from someone who knows first hand that the competition and back stabbing — especially among the various show producers — is vicious.  So we’re not surprised. It explains alot.  Alot.

Last night I wrote a post about Fox News in which I questioned why there’s no follow up on Beck’s investigative gold:

And when they do get to what’s going on in Washington on Capitol Hill or in the White House, it’s more trivialities.  Drilling down on the sport of politics, wasting precious airtime on horse races instead of informing their viewers of  the critical big picture. Featuring leftist kooks like Beckel, Powers, Henican, and now Podesta, Sharpton, and others leftist queens, giving them a highly visible platform to spew their toxic BS.  It’s about ratings, baby.  Bloviator O’Reilly Inside Edition-style “T and A”.  It disgusts me. And drives me away as a viewer.

Why is it that the only ones talking about the important, critical  issues are Judge Andrew Napolitano and Glenn Beck?  Can you tell me?

Think about who the Fox Washington Bureau on-air talent includes. The reporters in the field, covering the White House and the Capitol.  Nice jobs, and for a lot of them, cozy with the pols they cover.  Glenn Beck’s revelations make it uncomfortable for them.  They don’t want to be frozen out by Gibbsy or a high ranking Senator for asking the tough questions that need to be asked by the media.  They’re already getting blowback about it from everyone in the nation’s capitol. No wonder we don’t see them asking about the stuff Beck’s digging up.  Could be they’re wishing Glenn would just STFU? In that regard, they’re no different than the alphabet networks or their cable competition.  Major and Campaign Carl are NOT asking the tough questions. Do you agree?

Now, think about the producers who work behind the scenes.  Producers have tremendous power over what YOU will see, who will be booked as guests, how much time is allocated for any given story. They and the newsroom’s executive producer set the agenda.  They determine what is and isn’t news.  And they’re always mindful of the ratings.  Sensational and titillating sells. So camera two, give me more of that helo shot over the car chase and stay on it.   Camera three, pull in tighter on that tatto’d pole dancer who’s telling on Tiger Woods.  Kickers, guts and orgasms are what sells advertising.  And after all, Fox News is a business before it’s anything else.  Right?

Consider the associate producers, the teleprompter operators, the videotape shooters and editors, the interns, and all the myriad others who people the news room.  Any one of them is affected by the spotlight Beck is shining on Obama and his communist, Maoist loving thugs.  On the marxist monsters in Congress.  On the corruption, the filth.  Think the Fox newsroom men and women who have mouths to feed at home want to rock the boat?  And don’t forget, not all of them are conservative constitutionalists. Right, Shep?

Although I applaud Ailes for defending Beck, just what in the hell is he doing to push his newsroom to do the job they’re hired to do?  Or are they already doing the job he wants them to do???  One wonders…

I don’t trust them. Fair and Balanced is not a motto a newsroom should ascribe to.  How about they try Open and Honest. And then we’ll decide…

Roger Ailes to Fox News’ Glenn Beck haters: Stop ‘shooting in the tent!’

NY Daily
Fox News’ founder is asking the network’s Glenn Beck haters to stop “shooting in the tent,” claiming the in-house anti-Beck vitriol is unprecedented in the company’s 14-year history.

Roger Ailes dropped by Fox’s Washington bureau Wednesday to give his staff a pep talk before the annual Radio and Television Correspondents’ dinner, reports.

The topic of conversation quickly turned to conservative commentator Glenn Beck, whose hyper-opinionated commentary is a ratings boon for Fox — but also a recently revealed source of tension for the network’s other journalists.

A column in the Washington Post on Monday revealed that some Fox staffers are concerned the celebrity pundit is “becoming the face of the network.”

Ailes pointed out that the information in The Post’s column was leaked by Fox’s Washington bureau.

“For the first time in our 14 years, we’ve had people apparently shooting in the tent, from within the tent,” he told them.

But the Fox chairman clarified that Beck’s opinions were not that of the network and were firmly within his rights as a commentator.

“We prefer people in the tent not dumping on other people in the tent,” he added.

Ailes warned that people who found it hard to stand in Beck’s shadow had another option besides denigrating their own team.

“If I couldn’t defend the family, I’d leave,” he said. “I’d go to another family.”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. They better LEAVE GLENN BECK ALONE! I will follow him wherever he goes if he leaves Fox. I have watched Fox News exclusively for the past 6 years because I couldn’t stand the other networks’ stupidity, but if they cut Beck, they will lose me as a viewer and I would be willing to bet I’m not the only one. Glenn is doing a much-needed service. The whole country SHOULD be listening to him. He’s telling the truth. If “truth” is over-the-top, then I’m “over-the-top” too. For now, they have the best ratings of any news channel out there, but they are starting to make me mad with the way they tend to border on defending Obama and his asinine policies. The only other voice making any sense right now is Sean Hannity and he is too chummy with Bob Beckel for my blood. I know they think it’s more “civilized” to play nice, but there comes a time when you MUST

  2. Sorry. I hit the wrong button in my zeal to finish my thought. What I was trying to say is that there comes a time when the truth MUST be told, no matter who it hurts. Glenn Beck is doing that. If the left-wingers don’t like it, then make sure they make the changes that are necessary to make it no longer true.

  3. udi prince. He prided himself on the fact that he got FOX to change “Moslem” youths rioting in France to Asian youths.. Grover Norquist, a lobbyist for Saudi Arabia, has been important in the recent Conservative meetings.. What do we make of the Moslem influence on the right and left bringing in another culture of sharia which is not compatible with our constition and belief in freedom? We are bombarded on the left and right and who will defend America?

  4. Sorry it looks like my first sentence in missing. The fact that much of Fox was purchased from Rupert Murdoch by a Saudi prince, has had influence on the programs. This Prince Talaweed prided himself on the fact that he influenced the news reported on Fox.

  5. Is Mr. Beck not above serious criticism? If Beck is supposedly so 100% pro constitution, why does he mock the millions of us who have realized the putative POTUS squatting in the W.House is a usurper?

    Mocking is Alinsky tactic, so why does Beck use these tactics against his own audience?

    Oh, no, that part of the constitution does not matter? You’d think if perhaps this issue was fully PUSHED and EXPLORED last year, we’d be WORSE off or BETTER off without Obumbles and his regime currently in power?

    If only Beck had truly done an investigation into ‘birther’ craziness (umm, called enforcing a constitutional requirement to be POTUS), perhaps America could get the hell out of the current shite she is in.

    I have appreciated Mr. Beck’s outspokenness, but when Saudi INFLUENCE on Fox is now apparent (recent bashing of freedom fighter Geert Wilders comes to mind) and obvious BLIND SPOTS are NOT being addressed, I find it very curious.

    Houston, we have a problem.

    Beck isn’t 100%… something is very fishy…

  6. I have mixed feelings about Beck. However, that is not his fault but mine. I simply am not sure which side of the fence he is really on. What I do no is that I admire him because he has the guts to stand up for what he believes. He is trying to educate the masses as to what is going on. As far as the “birther” issue, it becomes a process of how far you go and still remain on the air. In Beck’s case, he went to far on CNN and got canned. In his situation, it is sometimes better to dial back and get out the rest of your message than to go forward and hit the self delete button on your job and become silent and disappear into the night.

    1. Steve,

      I think you’ve nailed it. That’s my read on it. Andrew Breitbart put it succinctly when he said “It’s not a winnable issue”. He’s right. Maybe down the road it will be. But I think impeachment proceedings will have to be brought before all of that DOES become a winnable issue.

    2. Sometimes, when you KNOW you are right and that the masses NEED to know the TRUTH, you have to take the bull by the horns and chance it. That’s what Glenn Beck is doing and I am grateful to him for taking the chance. This has all been covered up for too long and it needs the sunshine Glenn is shining upon it.

  7. You are exactly correct. Fox news doesn’t follow up on the Glenn Beck investigative gold. They could but they don’t. Fair and balanced means they put up with the lefties far too much. Glenn Beck always tells the truth.

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