“I’m all for earmarks when they help people” – Sen. Bill Nelson (FL)

Kennedy Space Center Director Robert Cabana, left, and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Orlando, address human spaceflight during a forum Friday at Brevard Community College’s campus in Cocoa. (Rik Jesse, FLORIDA TODAY)

Last week I was among a group of folks who make their living preparing the space shuttle for flight at Kennedy Space Center.  To a man and a woman, they all expressed extreme displeasure with Obama’s space policy, and were not looking forward to his planned visit to KSC in April (which is set for the same day as the Tax Day Tea Party in the nation’s capitol.  Obama deliberatly out of town that day?)  A 23-year space program engineer with three Master degrees characterized Obama as having huge “balls” to show up at Kennedy after what he’s done to our economy and the space program.  (An estimation the HillBuzz boys would dispute). To say the space workers are outraged is an understatement.  The ripple effect to be felt in this community will be equal to if not worse than the historic economic depression that devastated Brevard County when Nixon killed the Apollo moon project.

Our congressional representatives — with one notable exception (Bill Posey) are talking a good game, but many think they’re failing us.  Alan Grayson, Suzanne Kosmas, Bill Nelson, George LeMieux… impotent or worse?

Most Floridians are politically astute.  Our local Tea Party and 9-12 Project groups bubble with activity, standing on street corners with signage, rallying, writing and calling our representatives, assembling busloads to travel to D.C. to protest.

Many of them are copying their letters to me, and they are f-u-r-i-o-u-s about this so-called health care reform bill. Here’s an example from a Space Coast resident who attended a forum yesterday at our local Community College campus that featured Florida’s Sen. Bill Nelson, career politician, former astronaut and died-in-the-wool Democrat.  The follow-up letter was sent to Sen. Nelson and our local newspaper Florida Today. (Boldface emphasis mine).

After attending the forum on Friday at BCC campus in Cocoa it became very clear to me that the fix is in and Kennedy Space Center employee’s are the pawns in the mix.  This is an opinion of someone that knows little of the space program but more so of the modus operandi of the Obama administration.

I’m looking at the big picture i.e. the overall health of our economy, the space program is a very important part of the big picture but only a part of it and without a strong economy will fall by the wayside without the needed financial support.

I commend Sen. Nelson on his passion of the space program and he made it a point at the forum to let us know of his vast knowledge of the issues.  Out of the 84 minutes of the forum 62 minutes of questions was from Florida Today and 22 minutes from the audience.  Many of the answers from Sen. Nelson was that President Obama is a strong supporter of the program and that he is being ill advised by his people.  Lets talk about his people.

The jury is in on many of these Obama appointee’s, those confirmed and those that are czars.  A great number of them are Marxist, Maoist, communist and have spoken out on the destruction of this country and have been systematically tearing up our Constitution and Bill of Rights (Obama included).

Just like the Louisiana Purchase, Nebraska deal and the water rights of the western states to mention just a few of the special deals and threats are coming home to roost in Florida with the space program.  The good guy bad guy is playing out with Sen. Nelson’s support of Obamacare at the heart of this.  Sen. Nelson at the forum let the cat out of the bag when he said (paraphrasing) I’m all for ear marks when they help people.  If Obamacare gets back to the Senate for approval the stage is set for another special targeted deal for its approval and Sen. Nelson will forgo the big picture to make brownie points and who knows what else.

The American people have and will support the space program which has given us so much in return, all we need are the right people and the truth and openness with the powers to be.  We need people at the helm who love this country and want us to lead and not apologize.  A strong economy will save the Space Program and this country.

Mr. Dennis Gorman
Cocoa, FL

By Radiopatriot

Former Talk Radio Host, TV reporter/anchor, Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot

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