Oops! IRS refutes White House assessment of Tea Party Movement.

Green Bay, Wisconsin

“As for those allegedly growing threats of violence by Tea Partiers, no less an authority than Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman said this week that “no, the threat has not increased.” He added that much of what has been written in the media about such threats “actually is not accurate.” Since the IRS has a unit that tracks such tracks, if anybody would know about growing anti-government violence, surely it would be the head tax man.” — The Washington Examiner

Well, there you go.  Probably much to the Obama Administration’s dismay, the IRS is giving the Tea Party movement a clean bill of health.  Heh… love to see the White House Marxists in a state of constipation.

I can tell you from my own experience that in the 12 days and 21 rallies we’ve done, there have been no incidents — NONE — that could be even remotely considered threatening, threat provoking, or violent.

What I have seen are people like you and me, everyday ordinary Americans who love their country.  Some have served their country, others have waited for them, some for the rest of their lives.  There are parents who have brought their children so the kids can see the political process in action and experience something historic.  Grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors.  Add in a sprinkling of political candidates and you have the picture.  Folks who have lost their jobs, lost their nest egg, and lost their faith in the people who supposedly represent us in Washington.

Violent?  The only thing they’ve raised is their voices, their flags, and their signs.

So the next time you watch CNN/MSNBC/ABC/CBS/NBC or  the New York Times (and its newspaper syndicate lackeys that reprint everything the Grey Lady spoonfeeds them) and they tell you that the Tea Party movement is dangerous, think about this:  I’m here on the ground, meeting with fellow countrymen and women who make up this amorphous grassroots uprising across this great nation, and I am telling you that the media is feeding you lies.  Distortions.  Propaganda.

You want the truth?  You’ll find it here.  And here.  And on the blogsites of those we’ve linked on these posts.

I’ll be updating with pics of everyday ordinary Americans who love this country.  Here’s one from Milwaukee. I challenge you to find a violent one in the bunch.  Go ahead.  I dare ya.

Radio Talk Show host Herman Cain speaks to the crowd in Milwaukee

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit is reporting that Bart Stupak (“Stupak is as Stupak does”…) is considering retiring.  Well lah-di-dah.  Stupak isn’t as stupak as he seems.  He got a clue.  And we’re heading to his district where we’ll do four rallies, just to make sure he gets the message that We The People are happy to help him clean out his desk on Capitol Hill.  And return home to live out the rest of his life in shame.  SHAME.

Part-time pro-lifer Bart Stupak is contemplating retirement after his tumultuous year. The Michigan democrat delivered the crucial votes on Obamacare.
CatholicVoteAction.org reported:

NBC’s political hotsheet, First Read, is reporting that Rep. Bart Stupak, who delivered the crucial votes to pass the pro-abortion Senate healthcare bill, is considering retirement.

Stupak to call it quits? With just a few days to go before the end of this recess, House Democrats are cautiously optimistic that they could get through it without a single retirement announcement. That said, there is still a concern that some important incumbents in districts that they are uniquely suited could call it quits. At the top of the concern list this week: Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak. The Democrat best known this year as the Democrat who delivered the winning margin of votes for the president’s health-care reform bill is said to be simply exhausted. The criticism he received — first from the left, and then from the right — has worn him and his family out. And if he had to make the decision now, he’d probably NOT run. As of this writing, a bunch of senior Democrats (many of the same ones who twisted his arm on the health care vote) are trying to talk him into running. The filing deadline in Michigan is still a month away, but veterans of that state’s politics are skeptical anyone other than Stupak can hold that district in this political climate.

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  1. Donate to Conservative candidates, let’s get them into power in November and repeal this Obamacare horror!

  2. Law abiding citizens that we are, we know who WROTE the laws and what to do about it come November. We don’t necessarily like IRS agents but they are not to blame for the mess.

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