Behind the scenes – on the road with TPX III

These photos (click to enlarge) show what’s it’s like to be on the road for days at a time, sitting in cramped spaces on buses that are loaded with people, computers, luggage, merchandise, food, empty water bottles, coffee cups, and myriad pieces of flotsam and jetsam.  Descending en masse on overwhelmed hotel desk clerks, waiting to get our room keys, struggling with heavy luggage, taking advantage of a pit stop for fuel, food, and potty breaks to get some exercise and fresh air by tossing around a football, or grabbing some beauty shots of a pond behind a rest stop somewhere between Duluth and Escanaba. Hotel rooms, passing scenery, snowpiles in Michigan, and warm spring days in Tupelo and Huntsville.

Life on the road…

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. Thank’s so much for what you have done for the last 21 days. I am sorry I didn’t get to meet you just so many people,cars,buses,motorcyles at Searchlight. I listened everynight on podcast with third wave Dave. Thanks to both of you, I am sure you made us all feel like we were with you.

    Dee (behonest)
    Mesa, Az

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