America’s Mighty Warriors – Tonight at 9pm EDT on The Andrea Shea King Show

Ron Rivoli of The Rivoli Revue holds a photo of US Navy SEAL Marc Alan Lee at a Tea Party Rally

Tonight, Debbie Lee, Gold Star Mom, joins us to talk about a new project she’s created to help family members who have lost a loved one in battle. America’s Mighty Warriors grew from the loss of Debbie’s own beloved son, Marc Alan Lee, the first US Navy Seal to fall during the war for Iraq. Tonight she’ll join us to tell the story of how her grief has grown into a mission to help others in similar circumstances.

Also with us– US Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith, who has joined Debbie in her mission to provide comfort and a respite for those still grieving over the loss of their military hero.

Please join us this evening for a very special program. It pleases me no end to have Debbie join us. We spent three weeks on the road together touring the country with the Tea Party Express, and her story about her mighty American warrior touched the hearts of thousands of Americans across this great nation.

We get underway at 9 p.m. EDT. Link to the show here, and please don’t miss it. Debbie is a national treasure, as Navy SEAL Ben and all the members of the Tea Party Express Team know.

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  1. is this radio show archived? I missed it and REALLY want to hear it. 🙂 Met Debbie in DC, great lady.

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