OK, I know.  I’m on a roll… a Beck roll (is that like a rickroll?) but look, who ELSE is telling it like it is?

From Beck’s radio show Monday morning

GLENN: We live in such a screwed up country that we have violence on the streets, vandalism in California, people throwing rocks and breaking windows in California, and the press doesn’t report on it. We have communist revolutionaries alongside with labor unions in Astroturf Central for Mayday, the communist Mayday, and they’re marching in the streets and nobody reports on that. Yet the tea parties are going to cause violence.

We have somebody planting a bomb in Times Square. When I first heard that story — because I think there are crazies around us —  I think we are in trouble. It is the perfect storm theory that I told you five years ago. I told you a year ago it is coming on shore. Here it is, gang.

We are at the point… I mean, I know, I know enough people in special forces, I know enough people in… I just know enough people who have been behind the Iron Curtain when there was an Iron Curtain, just before the collapse that went in to the former Soviet Union and helped push.

Those people are here. What, do you think we’re the only country that does that?

Those people are here sowing the seeds of discontent. And in many cases we have our own government in bed with the people who are doing it, through the labor unions.

God bless you, if you’re a union member, I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how you do it. You pay all your dues and then they come after you and they attack everything that you believe in. These labor unions are the ones really responsible for the destruction of Europe and they’re bragging about it. They are the ones in the streets throwing Molotov cocktails. Revolutionaries and labor unions.

I’ll show you later on today the connections between the revolutionaries and the labor unions and the marches on the streets here in California this weekend. What, do you think it’s a coincidence?

But nobody will tell you the truth on that. Instead they will just call you or, worse yet, the police officers of Arizona, racists.