Vote her down!

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By Dave Logan (Thirdwavedave) and Andrea.

She ran military recruiters off the campus at Harvard.

She hates the military.

In October 2003, Kagan transmitted an e-mail to students and faculty deploring that military recruiters had shown up on campus in violation of the school’s anti-discrimination policy. It read, “This action causes me deep distress. I abhor the military’s discriminatory recruitment policy.” She also wrote that it was “a profound wrong — a moral injustice of the first order.”[17]

I don’t care if she has a track record a mile long, she hates the military. She’s straight out of Chicago, but with a San Francisco mindset, and she’d fit in with the 9th circuit court of schlemiels.

ANY senator that votes for her confirmation should be targeted for defeat. No discussion. We’ve got boys and girls getting shot and killed right now and our Senate is going to vote to confirm this Kagan —  while we have the bodies of our warriors being prepared for transit on a C-17 for return to Dover AFB?  And they’re going to consider her?   She should be on her knees begging for forgiveness for her treachery.

She’s got plenty of paper trail.  Her record of non-support for our military is all we need to know.

Uh uh. Senators, we’ll pick you off — one at a time, each one of you, each time you’re up for re-election. If you vote to confirm this woman, you’ll have to explain this to Gold Star Mothers like Debbie Lee.  And trust me, you don’t want to have to explain yourself to Debbie.  She’s done with all the talk too.

You can’t vote yes on this woman because you can’t square it.  This dovetails perfectly with what Melanie Morgan, Cat Moy and Lucianne are saying.

We have Americans in harm’s way, getting shot, maimed, and killed. Now they’re coming back, thank God,  to fight this battle too, because we have ZERO leaders left in Washington. No men at all.

Vote for Kagan? You’re out. Period.

Here are the Senators who voted for her to be confirmed Solicitor General last year.

Watch them closely on this one.  And keep notes.

Also, Memorial Day is coming up.  Read In Flanders Fields.  In fact, send a copy to your Senator with your comments about this Kagan character.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Well, we shouldn’t be surprised by this one. We can see exactly where Obama is headed. I from a military family, married to a retired Marine and live in a military town and you can bet I’ll get the word out on this nominee. NEVER! What a disgrace and dishonor to our country and all who fought and died defending her.

  2. I’m beginning to believe that the farther these people push their agenda, the more bold they get, and the more coming out they do (pun intended), the more people will wake up and see what’s going on. They are overly emboldened by their ideology. In the words of Daniel Flynn in the Introduction of his book ‘Intellectual Morons:’ “Ideology deludes, inspires dishonesty, and breeds fanaticism.” It’s all unfolding before our eyes, thanks be to God!

  3. It’s not that she is “anti-military.” She is against the military don’t ask-don’t tell policy–so she prohibited them from coming because of their “gay discrimination” policy. Let’s face it, Obama has just selected another gay for the Supreme Court. Wonder when he will ever select a flag-waving, Middle America, non-Socialist, non-Communist, non-pedophile, non-intelligentsia, non-left-wing college grad, pro-Constitution, pro-USA, pro-military candidate to represent the REAL people of America?

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