“The neo-Nazis will rise up again in Europe”. And guess who’ll be blamed?

Ending his radio show today, Glenn Beck said this:

After describing how Germany is once again, for the second time in history, feeling like the schmucks of Europe, and how Obama forced Merkel to put in to “save” Greece, Beck asked “Who was blamed back in the 1930’s when the first time Germany felt like schmucks?  The bankers?  Oh, that’s not happening today.  The Jews?  Oh, that’s not happening today.

The neo-Nazis will rise up again in Europe.  You have the same battle we fought in 1940 starting up all over again. But with three additional complications:

First, Muslims rising up all over Europe – Sharia law.

Then, you have America —  it’s broke — there’s no beacon of freedom in the world today.  We don’t have the leadership, the industry, or the money.

The only country that has the people, industry, and money to do it and solve the argument between the fascists and the Islamists is — China.  Wake. your. neighbors. up!

By Radiopatriot

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