Glenn Beck Radio show, Thursday, May 13th – transcript.

“The president of the country is the wrong place to look. Barack Obama is not the guy.  He’s not the creator of any of this legislation. When he said “I want to see what comes out of the House” (referring to the healthcare ) just like Nancy Pelosi, ‘I’m gonna see what comes out of the Center for American Progress’.

They’re not writing any of these bills, they’re not doing any of this.  Barack Obama certainly isn’t…  Barack Obama is the Slapchop guy.  These things have been going down for years. When Barack Obama was still wetting himself, they were putting these things together for a very long time. He’s just the messenger. He’s Vince the Slapchop guy. You think really that Joel Rogers and Norman Strong are listening to Barack Obama? “Read the teleprompter, man.” That’s who he is, the teleprompter guy.

Let me ask you this:  why is he on the Blackberry?  First president ever to have a Blackberry.  Now, I love the press.  They say he’s anti-technology. No, he’s anti free speech. He’s the guy who insisted on having a Blackberry.  The Secret Service said, ‘No! No Blackberry!  They can track you!‘  How much money did we spend on a special Blackberry so he could have it? Why? Why?  Because you can’t have these people [seen] whispering in the president’s ear. And yet it always happens.

Somebody needs to get a message to the president and they come up behind him and whispers into his ear? They didn’t want that to happen, so — you think those are love notes to Michelle? Please!  That’s so the guy, whoever is on the other side of the Blackberry,  can communicate with this guy. Because the more we find out, this guy has nothing to do with anything. He was — and what was it Farrakahn said the other day?  ‘He was selected, and then elected.’ (NOTE: Be SURE to click link to listen to the VERY revealing speech by Farrakhan, carried on C-Span. – ASK)

He didn’t beat Hillary Clinton.  Come on. This is the machine that elected him. And he’s just following the steps. And sure, I’m sure that the Center for American Progress listens to him from time to time, but you know that whenever he says ‘Hey I need to talk to you guys‘, somebody else in the office goes ‘Aw, jeez, we gotta talk to this clown.  Did you hear his ad lib of emancipation the other day? I know, I know, he’s Vince the Slapchop guy.  Do you know how many Slapchops he’s selling? We need him for now.  We couldn’t get Billy Mays.’

And so Vince the Slapchop guy comes in and [says]  ‘I gotta tell you something!  I’m tired of being pushed around! I’m the President of the United States!’ And they say, ‘You’re right, you’re right Mr. President.” And then he leaves, and they say ‘Boy, he really thinks he’s running the country!  What a joke this guy is. He really thinks he’s the guy!’

John (sic) [Eric] Holder has more power I think.

He [Obama] didn’t come up with this idea.  But when you put it all together, you’ll understand why he went to Europe to give that speech during his campaign. You’ll understand — all the pieces will fit together.”


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