This is just too rich.  Can you believe this guy?

The wits and “artistes” at Free Republic wasted no time having fun with this twit.  Take a look…

“Obama just sucks.  Period.” — Retired Greyhound

“He should just ask his millions of fans around the world to come to the Gulf with an empty gallon milk jug. They could fill it and take it home as a souvenir. The spill would be contained. The Gulf states would have an instant shot of tourism stimulus money and the problem would be solved.” — AmusedBystander

“Finally, Obama accidentally stumbles across the first real idea to help out on record. I say let him try. We could actually be surprised.” — DoughtyOne

But after an accident in federal waters the federal government, which has a plan to save the entire planet from greenhouse gases, had no plan to save the Gulf from a single gushing well, with the possible exception of finger-pointing. – IBD Editorials