Kenny Thomas, Saving America's future one mile at a time!

As fast as wheels can turn, Kenny Thomas is closing the gap between the Golden Gate Bridge and the nation’s Capitol on a mission called Save America’s Future.

Kenny is biking across the country to raise awareness about the growing debt, and he hopes it will make a difference in D.C. when he arrives in July.  Kenny’s trip began on May 3rd in Napa, CA. Today Kenny’s traveling through Indiana.  He’ll make 102 stops along the way, meeting with Americans and surveying them in an effort to raise awareness about our growing $13 billion national debt.

When Kenny drops the kickstand at the end of the day today, he’ll join us to talk about his amazing coast to coast trip and what he hopes will happen along the way, especially when he gets to his final destination:  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

Come on by at 9p ET and meet Kenny Thomas.  I think you’re going to like him.


9p ET