Filthy with corruption and stinking rot that stems from racism and hatred for America. The Department of Justice is rife with cronyism and Black racism. Enemies of the state. Marxists terrorists are occupying our country, issuing diktats from the White House.

To wit:

Doug Holder at Director Blue:

Perfect — Eric Holder’s DOJ crony leading SB1070 challenge is member of the “Gitmo 9”, who represented terrorists in court

The White House is so laser-focused on the environmental tragedy in the Gulf* that the Obama Justice Department today filed suit against Arizona. Its offense: daring to protect Arizonans from the tidal wave of illegal aliens washing in on a daily basis.

And how about this?

From Cassy Fiano on the lawsuit being brought by the DoJ against Arizona’s immigration law.

Here’s my take.  They have no intention of enforcing existing federal immigration statues, and they have no intention of letting anyone else do it for them.  Is this intentional?  Maybe.  I don’t actually do the psychology look-at-your-mother-and-why-she-spanked-you stuff.  But I think the actions are pretty clear.

When the bill passed, only then did the Obama administration commit extra troops, but only a press-worthy amount that would sit behind desks.  When it looked like Arizona would actually enforce the bill, they started talking about how unconstitutional the bill was while clearly not reading it.  Jan Brewer had a field day on that.

So now?  There’s nothing WRONG with the law, per se… it’s just that it’s OUR job to enforce the law.  And we’ll choose when to do that job.  That seems like pretty clear intent to me.  I hope Arizona does a spirited defense of the law (and they will) to show their own intent… to enforce the law and fix the problems on the border.

Ex-Official Accuses Justice Department of Racial Bias in Black Panther Case

and this…BREAKING: Former DOJ Officials Stepping Forward to Support J. Christian Adams (Updated) —  Former DOJ employees want to go on record praising Adams’ outstanding work record, and — pay attention, DOJ press liaisons — maybe corroborate Adams’ charges about DOJ hostility to race-neutral law enforcement.

Justice Kennedy says he’ll stick around until el presidente Tar Balls is gone.  Praise God.

Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, July 5, 2010, 6:00 PM

Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s new NASA strategy:

“This is a new of fatuousness. NASA was established to get America into space and to keep us there. This idea of ‘feel good about your past’ scientific achievements is the worst kind of group therapy, psycho-babble, imperial condescension and adolescent diplomacy. If I didn’t know that Obama had told him this, I’d demand the firing of Charles Bolden.”

Don’t hold back, Charles.

Nor should we.


Dan Friedman writes:

See here, here and here. Time to get worried. Even sooner than I thought. The Gates of Hell have been unlocked and from here on, if Israel doesn’t slam them shut they’re going to fly wide open and hit us all in the face.

It’s November or never, America.

Dan Friedman

Obama and his goons are sinking into a morass of their own making.  That’s not to say they’ll wither away.   Like a horror movie that seemingly never ends, the monster will keep rising from the dead to terrorize the people of Mayville who have elected a tyrant. And take us into the putrid morass right along with them.

To my fellow Americans,
I want to pass along my wishes for a happy 4th of July!  While the Declaration of Independence was signed on this date, it took years for us to shed the bonds of servitude to the British Crown, through a tough and bloody war.

This 4th of July, we find ourselves again in a struggle to shed the bonds of Progressive Socialism and state-run collective authority (sound familiar?… U.S.S.R.).  As was the case back then, most were resistant to join the cause of freedom, since “Big Brother” gave them security.

I find many parallels between then and now and have noticed a resurgence in patriotism.  Many more will be joining our ranks in the days ahead, as they did back then, now that the mask is off the Progressive faces.  Like the Crown, they will not go quietly.

Take it to the polls in November and remember why you are in this!

Stay thirsty my friends… thirsty for FREEDOM!

God Bless America,