“Most people are concerned about terrorism, as we should be.  But terrorism will not destroy America.

What will destroy America and is indeed showing a great deal of success right now is the Muslim Brotherhood which infiltrated America over three decades ago,  and they are the ones having the greatest impact on our society today.

And they are led by people who are hard core Jihadists — it’s a stealth Jihad.  The terrorism enhances their cause greatly, but these people are running a stealth Jihad in our country.

They’ve infiltrated our government, our military, our communities.  They’ve taken over places like Dearborn, Michigan, and they’re about to take over Minneapolis and St Paul.  They have a very, very deliberate plan — it’s a five-phase plan.  We found the plan in 2004 in Annandale, Virginia, in a false basement.  They have a five-phase plan and they’re at the latter stages of Phase 3 now.  It’s a very serious, serious situation.”

Last night we spoke with Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin about the dire condition we are in as a country.  He joined us to discuss his newest book — DANGER CLOSE — but we kept him for better than 30 minutes, getting his take on everything from his recent meeting with Rep. Michele Bachmann; his duty in accompanying former CIA director George Tenet to briefings on Capitol Hill (frightening); and Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s removal for the Rolling Stone interview. (McChrystal worked under Boykin).

Please take the time to listen to this very important interview with a retired military general who is still very much on top of his game.  We’ve got incoming, and there are very few warning us that we’re about to get hit — Gen. Boykin is one of them.