Yes, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, but the final decision is:  We’re heading to Washington DC tonight for the Restoring Honor event tomorrow with Glenn Beck.  Say a prayer for our safe arrival. Three of us will be driving all night from FL to DC, leaving within the hour.

You can watch tomorrow’s Restoring Honor event online for free at the Restoring Honor Facebook page.  10 to 1 p.m. ET — Link here:

Tonight’s event at the Kennedy Center will be streamed live at Glenn’s site for Insider Extreme members.  Sign up now for $6.99 and watch it.  You’ll get the added bonus of being an Insider for a month.

Trevor Louden has an excellent post inspired by Restoring Honor.  Find it here (thanks to Terresa at Noisy Room for pointing us to it):

In honor of Glenn Beck’s long awaited 8/28 rally in Washington DC and for every American patriot standing up for their republic and Constitution, I post this document.

Gotta run.  We’re taking back America!  God Bless us all.