From Don Surber’s Daily Scoreboard — always popular, never wrong:

2. From the New York Times on the Glenn Beck rally: “Officials do not make crowd estimates because they are unreliable and can be controversial, but event organizers put the number of attendees at 500,000; NBC News said it was closer to 300,000, but by any measure it was a large turnout. The crowd stretched from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument.”

The real count will be on November 2.



Ron C. in Alabama writes:

We had 10 people in our party at the event, one from Ala, four from Florida, two from Texas, and three from PA, but were split up because of the crowd. What a day of reckoning. I truly believe there were over a million people at the event, each side had at least 100 people deep and the crowds ran a very long way, but no matter what the size, Glenn has to be happy with our support, and deservingly so.

We met people from Iowa, California, Washington State, PA, Texans in great numbers (they have it together), Mo, WI, NC, SC, Ga, Wyoming, Florida (well supportive) NJ, Conn, OK, and just about all the Other States. And the one thing that was very prevalent, I saw no signs or T-Shirts other then those that had a very patriotic theme, everyone was so friendly and cordial, and happy to be there.

The trip to Walter Reed (WR) was very exciting as well.  My daughter Kelly and her husband Ryan, Kelly’s mom Brenda and her husband Charlie, and I went Friday morning and delivered over 500 Wounded Warrior soldier messages, which were prepared by the children at Arab Elementary School in Arab Al. Andrea, the messages were precious. The people at the WR protocol office accept the messages, which will be turned over to the Red Cross for distribution. We had the fortune to eat lunch at the WR cafeteria, where there were many soldiers. All of our messages to the wounded warriors was of thanks and pride for their sacrifices and wishes for them to get well soon.

All in all it was a unbelievable experience, one every American would love to have experienced.

Thanks for the slide show and for your continuous drive to keep us all informed.

God Bless,