There’s something about a fedora….

The brilliant blue-fedora’d Ed Driscoll turns the tables on TIME

Actual Time Cover

Last week, Time magazine asked “Is America Islamophobic?” That query was based on the majority of Americans’ rather sensible, some might even say remarkably nuanced take on the Ground Zero Mosque. The general reaction boils down to: yes, legally, the owners have every right to build it where they wish. Morally though, the current proposed location seems highly questionable, as we’re really squeamish about a mosque in a location that’s not just in close proximity to Ground Zero, but arguably part of it, given than debris from one of the airplanes used in the attack on the World Trade Center crashed through the building’s roof. And the response by its would-be owners to both other religions, and to othercompeting building proposals in the area isn’t helping to make their case as responsible neighbors to be.

But that was last week’s Time magazine cover story. For the cover story dated next week, but online now, it’s Israel’s turn in the magazine’s crosshairs. As Victor Davis Hanson wrote yesterday at the Corner, “the recent Time piece on Israel by a Karl Vick is probably the most anti-Semitic essay I have ever read in a mainstream publication.” (Click over to VDH’s post for the back story.) And it seems safe to say, Scott Johnson of Power Line and Rob Miller of Big Journalism agree with his sentiment to one degree or another.

So since Time broached the question about America as a whole last week, it seems only fair to return the favor today.