The Tea Party Express IV got a warm welcome from the folks in Barstow, CA today.  Several cranes flew American flags, lending a patriotic and festive air to the corner lot where we gathered to sing, talk, and get out and meet our fellow Americans.  Among them, Larry Taylor, a Vet who served with the Army in Panama.  Larry produced two posters — one for us to bring to Arizona and give to Sheriff Joe Arpaio when we see him at our Phoenix Rally, and the other for us to autograph for his personal memento.

Realtor Mark Hamilton came out to participate, and told of how depressed the market was.  Another gentleman handed me a pocket Constitution booklet, explaining that he and several other with a group calling themselves the Patriot Forum started a program in which they purchase copies of the Constitution and donate them to the local high schools in Barstow and Yermo  for distribution to their student bodies.  “We made a proposal that we donate a copy of the pamphlet which we call “The Owner’s Manual of The United States” to each member of the student body.  The response from the school administrations was positive.  To date, we have donated over 2000 copies of the pamphlet.”

To learn more about how you can get your local high school involved in a similar program, visit The Patriot Forum Barstow.

Take a look at our rally photos and meet your fellow patriots in Barstow, CA, who are determined to vote Boxer out.

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