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UPDATE: Read what the media reports: Glenn Beck mesmerizes Benedum audience of 2,500

Between 400 and 500 locals filled seats at two of the screens at a nearby movie theater complex here on the Space Coast tonight to spend a couple of hours with Glenn Beck, beamed live via satellite from a theater in Pittsburgh, PA.

It was evident that all of us were avid Beck fans. (We obviously don’t get enough of him during the week filled with 15 hours of radio and another 5 of TV…)

Broadcast from Pittsburgh’s Benedum Center to movie theaters nationwide, the packed audience there gave Glenn a standing ovation as he took the stage (and again as he left it), as our audience joined in with applause.

Economist David Buckner joined Beck to help explain the catastrophic economic conditions in Europe and how that pales compared to what’s happening in California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey.

Glenn likened the United States economy to a 1965 Mustang, and covered a lot of the material he talks about on his shows. But tonight he used the classic car as a metaphor to drive home his argument (pun intended) that our economic engine is overburdened with add-ons and faulty repair work.  “Washington’s misplaced focus has caused the United States economy to fall from its former position as a model of performance and efficiency.”

He urged — no, he begged the audience to enlighten ourselves, to learn as much as we can about our history, and then fill our children “the little clay pots” with that knowledge. “They are the seeds from which this nation will rise again,” he said.  “Fill their pot and seal it with love.”

He spoke of empowerment, and asked how many have taken the 40-Day challenge.  Too few have.  He spoke of the difference between belief and conviction, and was near tears when he spoke of honor, using his own life as an example.

Beck is building an ark and urges us to do the same.  “The storm is coming,” he warns.  “Be ready. Things are changing and we must accept that.”

He ended the two-hour event with a quote from the brave and cherished words of our founders who, facing very similar dire circumstances, signed their death warrants with the Declaration of Independence:

“And with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

I brought my camera and was able to get some pretty good photos of him on the silver screen. The best ones, however, came during the intermission, stills that accompanied the clock as it ticked down the minutes until the show resumed. It was well worth the time and the $20 for the ride.

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