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I’ve been pretty occupied most of the weekend, and like many of you, have spent quite a bit of time watching the Arizona shooting horror show unfold on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX.  I’m horrified at the comments made by Pima County Sheriff Dupnik, by the woman who grabbed the weapon’s magazine from the shooter, and by Congresswoman Giffords’ father.

The Left and their ignorant dupes are calling for civility, claiming that violence like this rests at the feet of those who hate what the socialists are doing to our country.

I spent this afternoon reading my email, watching the tube and writing my weekly column for World Net Daily. Now that it has been put to bed, I want to share what one friend wrote about how the media (and the Left, but then I repeat myself) are treating this despicable act against six perfectly innocent human beings.

Quoting from J.I. who wrote in an email:

Here we go again. This has become about as predictable as a sunrise. I knew yesterday the moment I found out that the Rep. who was shot was a Democrat that we’d be treated to — again — implicit and explicit links by the psychopathic gunman to the “tea party” and “right wing groups” and their “heated rhetoric” and their (today’s mainstream moron media buzzword) “vitriol”.

As Andrea’s link (note: I had sent out a blast email earlier with info you’ll read below) points out, recent history is full of examples where these violent and deranged acts are immediately assumed to be the product of some sick mind being further perverted and pushed over the edge by The Right, and usually the top names of conservatism are the targets of insinuation, like Rush Limbaugh or in this case, Sarah Palin. Because obviously, an electoral map showing targets over important districts could actually drive someone to murder.

Here’s one missing from that list: the D.C. shooter who it turns out was on his way to shoot up ‘The Weekly Standard’ offices, which we found out after two days of the usual media links to right-wing rhetoric.

This morning, I was subjected to, against my will, Christine Amanpour’s CNN show, an hour-long bit of pap about the shooting, where the entire event was turned into a soap opera, complete with maudlin music, where the villains are Sarah Palin and other fire-breathers of vitriolic rhetoric.

I’m sure we all expected this from the MSM, but what angers me more is what was said by the AZ Sheriff, who made “vitriol” the new word of the week. Not only is this presumptuous, and inflammatory, and divisive, but it’s extremely irresponsible from a high level law enforcement official who should be concerning himself with gathering facts and evidence, rather than making assumptions about a deranged gunman’s psyche mere hours after the attack, and further for blaming what he sees as the “bigotry” of his own state.

It’s also disappointing to hear similar comments from Giffords’ family, but it’s hard to blame someone for comments made in moments of extreme grief.

This is what we get from people with politics on the brain 24/7, and where liberalism is their religion. Dissent, argument, and heated debate is fine from their side (see Obama’s comments to open this thread), but if it’s someone on the Right, it’s surely to lead to violence. And we just can’t have that, so stop the rhetoric, or in other words, just stop disagreeing with us and continue pushing through our liberal agenda against the majority of the public will.

I don’t know what this psychopath’s motives were, although I will be if it turns out he’s yet another violent LEFT winger. I know he listed Marx’s book as one of his favorites. It doesn’t matter to me. This was the work of a deranged human being, pure and simple. We expect this kind of obliviousness to the facts, innuendo, insinuation, and irresponsibility from the MSM; it’s the statements by this sheriff and other officials who should know better that bothers me most.

First, let me start by offering BIG kudos to Kevin DuJan at Hillbuzz for the remarkable presence of mind he exhibited in researching and quickly grabbing screenshots of content on Daily Kos’  site.  His action puts  lie to what Kos and his leftist freaks have been putting out there — that blood from the shooting is on the hands of Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, conservative talkers and the Right in general.  They are Liars.  And Kevin proved it, using their own words.

Below is what a Daily Kos writer posted at the site before Kos scrubbed it immediately after the shooting. Kevin was able to find it, grab it, and post it at Hillbuzz, with his own comments which I have posted in brown italicized type so you’ll know the difference.  I’ve copied only a portion of the work that Kevin has done, so I encourage you to visit Hillbuzz to see it all.

Daily Kos has a long history of scrubbing things like this, so those are the screen grabs above for a hit piece Kos ran on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords on Thursday January 6th, 2010.

The article, entitled “My CongressWOMAN voted against Nancy Pelosi! And is now DEAD to me!”, was written by someone calling him/herself BoyBlue.

It eerily presaged the assassination attempt on the Congresswoman, with the Kos author angry Giffords opposed Nancy Pelosi’s radical agenda.

Daily Kos, DemocraticUnderground, and other George Soros-funded Leftist sites routinely use turns of phrase that seem to encourage bodily harm towards their political opponents.  If someone at Kos, in particular, does not like you, stories will appear there urging Kos readers to teach you a lesson in physical ways, to get you to either shut up or toe whatever line the Left is insisting on that day.

It remains to be seen if the gunman involved in today’s shooting of the Congresswoman and a dozen others is directly connected to Daily Kos, but it would not be at all surprising if he was.


UPDATE: 220pm CST, Daily Kos has deleted this thread in its attempt to remove the evidence above.

Too late, guys.  We have the screengrabs.


UPDATE: 302pm CST Daily Kos actually put a “bulls eye” (sic) on Gabrielle Giffords back in June of 2008:

Daily Kos targeted Gabrielle Giffords with a “bulls eye” back in June of 2008

Democrats use “bulls eye” targets extensively in their political graphics. This map shows states Democrats want targeted. Arizona, which Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords represents, is surrounded by these targets. 

UPDATE: 311pm CST Shooter has been identified as Jared Laughner.  Was Jared Laughner a regular reader/writer/commenter on Daily Kos?

Is Jared Laughner “BoyBlue” from Daily Kos or is he in any way affiliated with Daily Kos?