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WHO paid for the campaign T-shirts given away at last night’s mock memorial?

Who paid for the marketing/PR firm that created the logo/design? The Obama White House? (Is that a silly question?)

Was it coordinated with/approved by the Obama White House?

Whose idea was it to come up with the not-so-subtle Obama 2012 campaign slogan?  And who dreamed it up — “Together We Thrive”?  THRIVE? A subtle nod to an “improving” economy?


Radio show host Tammy Bruce is a mensch.  I met her backstage in Wilmington, DE at a Tea Party Express rally, where we hung out together in the bright but cold late October (Halloween eve) day, when she literally took the coat off her back so I could wear it against the chill.

How many people — “celebrities” — do you know who would remove their coat to warm a stranger?  That’s Tammy.

Last night during the Tucson “Memorial/campaign/thrive together pep rally cum Academy Awards ceremony”,  I was on Twitter, occasionally jumping into the river of tweets that were rushing by, most of them expressing what I was thinking about the circus-like event unfolding at the U of AZ.

I found myself agreeing with Tammy’s tweets and later went by her site to read her overall assessment of a not-so-somber memorial event marked with whoops, hollers, whistles, applause, and generally inappropriate behavior by an arena filled with students whose parents evidently have been derelict in their duty to teach their offspring how to behave appropriately in certain circumstances.

Tammy’s take  nailed it.  So, rather than writing my own observations, I’ll just point you to her site and say “What Tammy said”.  This’ll get you started:


Well, the Tucson Tragedy Memorial Obama Rally was, we’re told, really supposed to be a Pep “Unity” Rally, so they meant all that cheering and campaign-like atmosphere. Except for Governor Jan Brewer who was booed  by the Unified, Peppy crowd. Only certain people get the Unity, you see. The branding commenced, the free t-shirts were handed out,  and concessions were no doubt enjoyed. Funny, I don’t think I’m the only one who remembers Obama BSing and manipulating his way through the 2008 election, and I just saw it happen again tonight. And just like in 2007 and 2008 quite a number of conservatives thought the speech was just fabulous.  It certainly is a stark reminder of how the Dumb Bastard got elected in the first place.

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