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Still combing through my overnight emails and read this from a trusted friend.  The pressure is building.  Who is Obama?  And who is involved in his cover-up?  Lots of intrigue.  My friend writes:

In its entirety…

Published by Ulsterman on January 25, 2011 in USA & Canada

Author’s Note: This brief email was the only response finally received from Insider after multiple attempts to obtain follow up responses to our last communication.  I continue to make requests for further clarification.  It should be noted that within Insider’s previous response, they made mention of increased activity and concern surrounding the myriad Obama “birther” questions.  Following that communication, there followed substantially more chatter even by more mainstream media sources regarding the subject.  After some consideration I have decided to publish this message – and continue researching the information surrounding the birth of our current president.  As Insider admits in this most recent message – “there is something there.”

Some information in the following communication has been deleted.

Insider: Can’t respond much at this time.  Too busy with all of the chaos coming at us these days.  May be out of work soon! Crazy stuff.  Simply urge you to lay off the birther angle at this time.  Strongly urge.  To proceed is at your own peril.  Please take warning seriously.  This is not a small town cop shop situation here.  Let someone else try and make name on this one.

Don’t blame you as it was me who brought up subject last time. Since then heard repeated rumors/confirmations of attempted “purge” coming down the pike.  WH/media going on the offensive bigtime on issue. Has already started as you probably know. Talking very specific, very confrontational, very scary stuff here.  Don’t wish to drag you into that.  Much bigger fish are circling this.  They can survive what could be coming.  Not sure about me.  Let the big players handle this now.  This thing will either break out big or disappear.  Apologize for past doubt/ridicule.  There is something there.  100% certain of it. God help us.

Respond more in 1-2 weeks. Have much better grasp of situation at that time.  Too crazy right now.  -Deleted- was as shocking a moment in career.  WH and union thugs are kicking our ass and now this.  Never seen anything like it.  People who thought -deleted- were tough have no idea.  This is whole other level. Too old for this.  Too dumb for this.  Or both.

Give me a few weeks to see how it shakes out.

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