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Events in Egypt are wrought by our electing Obama.


Another Tack: No one to trust

by Sarah Honig


We make our fortunes and then we call them fate.”Benjamin Disraeli

Disraeli’s sardonic wisdom remains valid despite all of history’s convolutions and revolutions since his day. Nothing is propelled by blind destiny, because it’s foretold, inscribed on some astrological chart and preordaining consequences that cannot be averted.

Inevitably human hands pull the lever that sets cataclysmic geopolitical events in motion. The human hands that unsettled Egypt, and with it the entire Mideast, are primarily those of the American electorate which elevated Barack Obama to the presidency.

At that pivotal point it should have been clear that the end is near for whatever remnants of delicate equilibrium still endure in this region. Obama ushered in chaos even if he chose Cairo as his venue for the 2009 speech in which he sucked up to Islam. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak significantly absented himself from that milestone sham. He could sense the ill-winds blowing.

This is eerily reminiscent of the series of mind-blowing blunders toward Iran during the term of Jimmy Carter, the past president most like Obama, though hardly as radical. In his memoirs, Ayatollah Khomeini’s first foreign minister Ebrahim Yazdi writes that “the shah was doomed the minute Carter entered the White House.”


Barry the Betrayer: Iran v. Egypt v. America
David Yeagley, BadEagle.com

One thing the world knows now: Obama will not help. Obama will do nothing. Hope and change are not connected with him. Iranian youth learned their lesson. He’s not for them.

Barry “Obama” Soetoro is a complete fraud, a most vomitous concentration of self-interest and racist hatred against all things white. There is nothing more to him that that. His skin is simply used by the oedipal white liberal globalists. To achieve goal of the overthrough of America, Barry enthusiastically invites the world’s animosity toward America, particularly white America–white Christian America. He must make America be dragged through the streets of world opinion, like the bodies of U.S. marines were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu and Fallujah.

This is Barry “Obama” Soetoro. It is already known that George Soros is puppeteering Barry boy. They have just created a “private investment company” called Siraj Fund Management Company, for developing the so-called “Palestine” entity in the land of Israel. But some believe Soros is playing Barry boy in the Egyptian affair as well.

Alarmed? Surprised?

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Barry “Obama” Soetoro is a mere conduit for the white oedipal liberal globalists. They have rewarded him handsomely, of course. He was the perfect puppet, immune to prosecution because of his black skin. Such a traitor to America should have been hung long ago. That was the capital punishment once upon a time. But, our noble congressmen can’t even bring themselves to say the word “impeachment.” The Constitution says the House has sole power of impeachment (Article I, Sec. 2, par. 5), and so-called Republicans have complete control over the House! I say, of them, traitors every one. There is no other conclusion to make.

The highest political offices in the United States are mere personal, professional opportunities. The offices have little to do with the well-being of America. Barry is the blackhead of a giant pustule of personal aggrandizement. He came about because of the established infection. He isn’t the cause, but the piquant symptom. Nothing more.

That’s why there is no prosecution or impeachment. Congress is driven by the same spirit that’s in Barry. There are only illusions of propriety, manipulations of subjective justice, and pretentions of right doing.