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What Did Wade Rathke Know About Egypt that the CIA Didn’t and What Will Obama Do Now?

Michael Gaynor at Emerging Corruption has done some digging into the situation in Egypt – about how much Wade Rathke knew about it beforehand and what influence Obama may wish to have on the situation now.

Meanwhile… on to what the media thinks is more important.

'The president says he’s a Christian. I accept him at his word,' said John Boehner. | AP Photo

John Boehner speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Not his job to tell people what to think.

On Sunday’s Meet the Depressed, David Gregory asked House Speaker John Boehner the Left’s favorite entrapment game — the “birther” question:

“As Speaker of the House, as a leader, do you not think it’s your responsibility to speak out against that kind of ignorance?”

You know, just once, I’d like to see Boehner say to these sniveling little shits:

“If there’s something wrong with this, it would come before Congress, so I suggest you ask the President of the United States about this because he’d know the absolute answer to your questions. Why you’re asking me puzzles me… you’d probably get a more definitive answer from the president.

I believe he’s American citizen, but if you really want to know the answer to those questions, why don’t you ask the president or his chief of staff.. you see them all the time.. get the answers, nail them done for your audience. We have so many other critical things to deal with — and you’re wasting your time asking me this… why don’t you ask the president?”

Boehner says in the next breath that his job is to “listen to the people”.  Oh really?  Just WHO is Boehner listening to?  Certainly not the growing number of Americans who are wondering why Obama has spent some $2m to keep his birth certificate and all his other records (passport, academic, medical etc.) hidden from public view?

Boehner’s got his talking points, evidently, and he won’t go outside the lines, because one word out of his mouth would start that snowball rolling down the hill. And then what?  Is he afraid of what might result?  We know from Congressional insiders that they are scared witless over Obama’s eligibility question.  The media and the political left  (but I repeat myself) have them cowering in a corner. Why?

Boehner must have left the NBC studio smoking ten cigarettes… Gutless wonder.

You know, yesterday I was reading about Ayn Rand’s ATLAS SHRUGGED.  And I came across this.  It seems to fit with Boehner’s (and others’) refusal to shrug on the issue of Obama’s eligibility issues.

The concept “Sanction of the victim” is defined by Leonard Peikoff as “the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil, to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the ‘sin’ of creating values”.

This concept may be original in the thinking of Rand and is foundational to her moral theory: she holds that evil is a parasite on the good and can only exist if the good tolerates it. Atlas Shrugged can be seen as an answer to the question of what would happen if this sanction were revoked. When Atlas shrugs, relieving himself of the burden of carrying the world, he is revoking his sanction.

John Galt vows to stop the motor of the world by persuading the creators of the world to withhold their sanction: “Evil is impotent and has no power but that which we let it extort from us”, and, “I saw that evil was impotent…and the only weapon of its triumph was the willingness of the good to serve it”.

John Boehner has deliberately failed Constitution 101. He is still using citizen interchangeably with natural born citizen.  He knows better.  What he doesn’t know?  How to shrug.  Shame on him.  Shame.  Shame.  Shame…

. . . . .