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What a fine example those state workers in Wisconsin are to their young students and the rest of the country.  Pitching a fit, a temper tantrum like two year olds whose Mommy won’t give them the candy they want.

Useful idiots.  Whipped into a froth and frenzy by Obama’s union thug pals.

What’s wrong with these people?  Are they really that stupid?  That craven?  That greedy? That immature?  Did they never learn that throwing oneself on the floor kicking and screaming is not only unacceptable, it will not be tolerated?

Watching these shouting ninnies teeming through the Madison capitol, I am ashamed that they are my fellow Americans.

Just like the Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square last week, they are mindless orcs hooked on the adrenaline rush of mob mentality.  Nearly orgasmic as they play with fire to the media cameras.

At least one Wisconsin state worker has the sense to see through this charade, this insurrection fueled by the communist unionists, and she spells it out quite clearly. From reader “Proud 5th Column Member in Wisconsin” who wrote to Michelle Malkin:

“… there are a significant number of conservative full time state employees in Wisconsin that support Scott Walker, but our voices are not heard and certainly not covered in the press. Many of us are afraid to get too public for fear of personal attacks at work and at home. Besides, it would not be reported or covered by the insanely liberal press in Madison, WI anyway. The only voice we have in Madison is Vicki McKenna on the AM radio, a conservative talk show host of some fame in the Madison area. We are jokingly calling ourselves The 5th Column like the counter insurgents on the “V” TV show.

The unions are scared to death they will lose their gravy train, you are forced to join the union upon state employment as a condition of employment, what is more tyrannical than that? So, now, the workers would be able to CHOOSE to join the union or not, and many will leave it. The rest will have to cut an actual check to the union each month, instead of having it garnished from their check, and the union knows people will get tired of that. THAT is what this is really about.

Our benefit package in WI is almost 2nd to none in the US for state workers, this is a minor sacrifice when all is said and done.

Under our former Democratic Governor, we had to take a 3% paycut the last two years in the form of mandatory furloughs.

Walker intends to stop that, so we could regain that money, couple that with union dues we get back for quitting the union and it’s nearly a wash on the slight increase in pension and health care costs. That proves this is not about those changes, but about a political agenda by the left and the unions being threatened.

Stick to your guns, Governor Scott Walker.  Let them know their tantrums will not get them the candy they want.

And as for the state’s senate democrats who have skipped town to avoid voting on the measure?  Fire the cowards.

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