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UPDATED with Video:

Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett was on Fox News early this afternoon. Conducting the interview was a thrilled-to-be-there bit of fluff Jenna whatsername, obviously hap-hap-happy to have Jarrett on. “What a great get!!!” she was no doubt thinking. Anyway, Jarrett, the Chicago slum-lord who was going to make a killing when Barry brought the Olympics to town, mouthed all the same crap that emanates from Obama’s face. So why was she on Fox?

To defend her boss – to stanch the flow of public opinion that’s ebbing away from her boy Obama and their Unions and Leftist thugs that brung ’em to the dance. Their partners in crime.

Jarrett/Obama and Company must be pretty desperate to control the message. To my knowledge, this is the first time Jarrett has appeared on FNC.

If I can find a video of her appearance, I’ll update.

Meanwhile, here are some comments from the Twitter gallery on Jarrett’s FNC appearance :

Jarrett: “We are sensitive to the impact gas prices have on everyday consumers.”

Jarrett on the possibility on $5 a gallon of gas this summer. “The President, obviously, is watching this carefully.”

Jarrett: “… this is a time when we should be coming together, not polarizing”. ( But won’t answer q about BHO s meddling in WI issue)

“Valerie Jarrett has an “enormous amount of loyalty to our country.” Right. That’s why she treats our military heroes like waiters.”

“Telling slip/ snippet from Valerie Jarrett answer just now LIVE re why she stays working at the WH: “It’s most important job I’ve ever had”

“The interview with Valerie Jarrett – today on ‘FOX NEWS’ was something you’d expect on — Saturday Night Live. IT WAS A JOKE!”

“Valerie Jarrett says Obama condemns the violence in Libya and his heart goes out to the victims. No word on why he hasnt said that in public”

The Wall Street Journal inadvertently sheds some light on Jarrett’s Fox appearance:

For the White House, the state budget fights pose a quandary. The president wants to show support for the unions, but the White House is also eager to show he is ready to make tough decision to cut the federal debt.

Mr. Obama leapt to the defense of the Wisconsin unions last week, saying Gov. Walker’s attempts to weaken their collective-bargaining rights amounted to “an assault.” But White House officials over the weekend continued to point out that the president understands the need for shared sacrifice as states worked to conquer deficits.

The White House is also eager to distance itself from the array of mobilization actions that the Democratic National Committee unleashed last week to bulk up the rallies in Wisconsin and other states.

The national stakes for both political parties in Wisconsin itself are particularly high. Mr. Obama won the state by a wide margin in 2008, as every successful Democratic presidential candidate has since John F. Kennedy.

But Wisconsin turned sharply to the right in last year’s election. If the current budget battle redounds to the Republican’s favor, that could weaken Mr. Obama’s odds in the state next year, and even his chances for re-election.